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Legitimate Businesses That Could Share Names With Adult Sites

by Scott Muska

Spankwire: A company dedicated to crafting only the finest, most durable and long-lasting bass strings in all gauges. So no matter what bass you’re playing, you can spank the hell out of it with impunity. Captain Stabbin: Based in Key West, this… read on>

Streaming Alternatives for Movies: May Edition

by Glenn Dunks

Did you read our review of Avengers: Age of Ultron? Well, the film finally came out last week and I don’t have to guess whether you went and saw it or not. A quick… read on>

What Needs To Happen At The Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight

by Patrick Fischer

On Saturday, May 2nd, Floyd Mayweather will face Manny Pacquiao in the greatest boxing event of our generation. Never in our lives will we experience a boxing match as momentous as this one. Unless, of course, you know as much about… read on>

A 21st Century Man Reflects on What That Means

by Patrick Fischer

Finally. Someone actually gets me. And by someone, I of course mean The Shriver Report (duh). Earlier this April, they (it?) came out with a survey someone thought would be cool to name Snapshot: An Insight Into The 21st… read on>

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