Don’t be angry because we didn’t put Bukowski on the list. If you want to read “Women,” go for it, but these are books that have the power to shift your perspective, light your imagination, and perhaps give you a touch of needed sensitivity (if only for a few hours). This is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a good place to start. Plus we threw in two short story compilations, for any of you with severe ReADHD.

When the days get shorter, the leaves turn, and there’s a crisp edge in the wind, there’s no greater pleasure than slipping on a favorite sweater with a pair of jeans and lace up boots and thumbing your nose at the elements. Fall is made for layered dressing, and sweaters are integral to the look. Slide one on over a collared shirt with a blazer. Wear one with a t-shirt and bomber jacket. Rock a v-neck with your suit and tie. While we’re great fans of all sweaters, (well, maybe not Christmas sweaters), and certainly have nothing against your drawer full of navy blue and black crew necks, we’d like to encourage you to broaden your horizons. Embrace an unexpected color, a fun print, a classic stripe, a shawl collar cardigan, even. Here are 10 of Fall’s best sweaters that aren’t afraid to showcase a little personality, a little color, a little bit of cheek, and a lot of style.

Don’t get hounded by cities that don’t love your four-legged best friend. Included here are some of the best cities to travel with your mutt, prize winning Pincher, or pint-sized tough pooch. Dogs are OK, Woof.