comment trollIt is a golden rule on the Internet that you should never read the comment boards on any website. Why? BECAUSE EVERYONE ON ANY COMMENT BOARD IS BAT-SH*T CRAZY.

This is not a judgment. This is a fact. Whether it is sports, politics, food or music, almost all comments on comment boards are filled with just plain insanity. It is the rare bird of a comment that is actually filled with good points and logic, let alone a hint of lucidity. Comment boards are where the crazy live. And nowhere else can you view the ultimate in coo coo for Cocoa Puffs then on an entertainment website.

Case in point: Deadline Hollywood.

Scrolling through the comment boards on Deadline Hollywood is like dealing with an over emotional three-year-old who is amped up on powdered donuts and chocolate milk. People are just all over the map and painfully not in control of their feelings but since this is the Internet and completely anonymous then why not just spew every thought right into your computer. And as much fun as reading about Hollywood is, poring over the comment boards of Deadline Hollywood (as I have) proves what we already know: People take Hollywood WAY too seriously:

“’Doctor Who’ is an abysmal show and proves that people will watch anything on a Saturday night.” – Here is the immediate response from the next commenter – “…and have for 50 years. Maybe it’s just you.”

“What an outstanding episode of ‘The Leftovers.’ Fantastic show.” – This comment was found on an article about “True Blood.”

“HBO, forget the horror crap and do a kick-ass space adventure series in the mold of Game of Thrones!” – On the announcement that HBO is developing a series based on the 2001 Leonardo DiCaprio movie, “Shutter Island.”

“(Mario) Lopez is so much prettier than that.” – On an article about “The Unauthorized Story Of ‘Saved By The Bell’” Lifetime movie.

“‘SOA’ (Sons of Anarchy) IS BY FAR THE BEST TV SERIES EVER!!!! I BOUGHT THE DVDs, AND I CANT STOP WATCH THEM!!!!! IM WAITING FOR SEASON 6 TO ARRIVE IN THE MAIL.  (Sons of Anarchy creator) KURT SUTTERS IS A TOTAL GENIUS!!!! I love you Kurt!!!!!! – Apparently from a Kurt Sutter fan.

“This is BULLSH*T! I was looking forward to this one. I can understand them moving it away from ‘Hunger Games’ but they moved it to compete with two other movies I want to see more. And if Disney thinks I’ll be buying three g*ddamn tickets that weekend at almost $20 a piece they can go f**k themselves. F**K YOU DUMBASSES.” – Regarding a new, true story sports movie about running, starring Kevin Costner.

“The orchestra was the worst in awards history.” – A critique of this year’s Emmy Awards.

“He made decent movies before he dumped his wife and kids for a harlot. If you look carefully, you will see many male careers nosedive after they get a divorce. Gibson, Costner, Ford, Depp, Murphy.” – An explanation of  why, in their opinion, Robert Rodriguez is no longer a good filmmaker.

“Kevin Frazier, bad choice. Kevin Frazier could not save ‘The Insider,’he won’t be able to save ‘Entertainment Tonight’ either.” – From someone who is not happy about the changing of hosts on “Entertainment Tonight.”

“THOMAS GIBSON IS DESPICABLE! I will never watch anything this idiot actor does. Not that I have since ‘Dharma and Greg,‘ but he is an egotistical, arrogant and greedy Narcissist! Hope he loses everything in this legal battle!” – From an article about actor Thomas Gibson who refuses to pay his former manager any more owed commissions.

Gotham looks boring.” – The one and only comment regarding the new trailer for Fox TV’s, “Gotham.”

“There is not one redeeming person in all of Hollywood – Except Liza Minelli – She is the only redeeming person in Hollywood.” – From a comment board for an article that had absolutely nothing to do with Liza Minelli and never even mentioned her.

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