Peanut butter just doesn’t make sense without jelly. French fries are a depressing joke without some ketchup. Like our favorite foods, our favorite on-screen characters would not be the same without their best pals in tow. These are the sidekicks who crack the jokes, back up the hero, and occasionally save the day themselves from time to time.

Han Solo would not be Han Solo without this furry fellow backing him up at all times. Sure, you didn’t always know what he said, but his Wookie call is now an unmistakable piece of pop culture lore. Chewie brought the muscle and charm to Star Wars.

Although depictions of Robin vary significantly, the Dark Knight’s Boy Wonder is an integral part of the Batman legacy. With his ridiculous outfit and obnoxious catchphrases, Robin could always be counted on to provide commentary in dangerous situations.

Rocket Raccoon
Yes, this guy is new to the game, but something tells me this smart-mouthed half-pint is going to earn his stripes among the baddest and best. He can build bombs, break out of prisons and provide his own snarky repartee in any situation.

Short Round
Indiana Jones only had this little guy helping him for one adventure, but his presence as an annoying/endearing sidekick is immense. He can be relied on to make bad situations worse and rescue Indiana from terrifying cult members in a pinch. He maybe only eleven but he’s clearly helpful when going gets tough.

Wayne Campbell may be the charismatic and boisterous host of a public access show, Wayne’s World. But what Garth lacks in confidence and charm he more than makes up for in wit and pop culture references. Garth is the nerdy yin to Wayne’s affable yang.

Samwise Gamgee
I’ll be the first to admit that Sam’s speeches could at times grow tiresome, but what the hell else are you going to do while stumbling to Mordor?! Sam was more than just a travel companion for Frodo. He was a protector, confidante and wellspring of optimism on the harrowing journey.

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