goldenglobesThat colorful season has arrived when every weekend it seems the faces of Hollywood dress to the nines and sashay down glitzy red carpets. This weekend and its Golden Globes is no exception.

As a spectator, awards shows can be either an afterthought while flipping through channels, or an event worth gathering the friends and family, making the snacks and rooting for your favorite films of the year. If you choose  the latter (and we hope you do), here are a few tips to get the most out of tuning in when Tinseltown starts handing out trophies.

1) Get Thee to a Theater – In preparing for all the festivities of awards shows, nothing is more important than getting out there and seeing a film or two. This is all-in season, studios are delivering what they think is the best!

2) Pick a Venue – This suggestion could also be called “Find the Friend with the Biggest TV and Most Comfy Couches.” Do it right, some of these broadcasts gone on for hours.

3) Place Your Bets – Pick your favorite horses. When people get to the podium, they go on and on about how none of this is a competition, but that is then and this is now. There are winners and losers in every category, so why not place a few friendly bets?

4) Snacks are Key – This suggestion is huge. Although celery sticks and hummus sound inviting, prepare for glares. To quote Roy Biggins from the sitcom “Wings,” these are words to live by: “If it’s green it’s trouble. If it’s fried get double.”

5) Drinking Game – While awards shows are often funny and exciting, lulls are more than possible. The solution? An appropriate drinking game! Perhaps everyone drinks when a celebrity flubs their lines, or perhaps everyone takes a drink every time the camera cuts to George Clooney scowling or drinking.

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