margot-robbie-hot-wolf-of-wall-street-1124x660Anyone who’s gone to the multiplex in recent weeks to see The Wolf of Wall Street probably noticed a new face. She stole scenes from DiCaprio left and right and she provided incredible beauty and grace between segments of Quaalude-gobbling depravity.

Her name is Margot Robbie.

This ravishing creature has astounding looks and otherworldly poise. We here at Weekly Gravy feel it’s time you meet Ms. Robbie because it’s only a matter of time before you’re howling her name in your sleep.

1 – This 23-year-old beauty hails from Gold Coast, Australia, so he doesn’t just have the looks, she’s also got the charming Down Under accent to match.

2 – Early in her career, she starred on the Australian soap opera “Neighbors.” She was originally only cast as a guest star, but audiences couldn’t get enough, so she quickly earned a lead on the series. This lady knows how to smolder for a camera.

3 – She was cast as a flight attendant in the ABC series “Pan Am” in 2011. Although the show wasn’t renewed for a second season, Robbie had us all wanting to join the Mile-High Club.

4 – Robbie recently told People magazine that because her role in the Scorsese film required her to be nude (a lot) she quickly embraced the change. “Now I have no concept of modesty anymore! It’s funny how quickly I’ve gotten desensitized to that,” she said. Here here! Modesty is like hoping during awards season, let others worry about that game.

5  – The stunning actress is set to star alongside Will Smith next in a dromedy (?) about a seasoned con artist training a young woman before pulling the job of a lifetime. It’s titled Focus, most likely because Robbie is going to make it impossible to do so.

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