tvdinnerSure, going out for a night on the town filled with pop up restaurants, bourbon tastings, art openings, clubbing and late night food truck/spoken word slams are cool, but sometimes you’ve just got to stay at home, put on some really old sweats, dial up some Netflix and order takeout. But just because you are hibernating for the evening doesn’t mean you don’t have to put some thought into it. You can’t just watch any old thing and scarf down any old food. (Well, you could, but where would the fun be in that, huh?)

Just like pairing Brussels sprouts with steak, pairing an IPA with spicy fish tacos or pairing Justin Timberlake with anyone who breathes in oxygen, matching the right movie or TV show with the right takeout food can really enhance the enjoyment of both. Below are some suggested pairings that can turn an average night at home into a slighter better than average night at home.

“Drinking Buddies” – Tri-tip barbeque sandwich with an order of seasoned curly fries. And if you want to be all ironic about it, you can drink a nice Malbec while watching this movie about beer makers.

“Jack Reacher” – Reacher is all about inflicting maximum pain, so go with atomic hot wings minus the bleu cheese and celery but with extra sauce. Eat them without a napkin to inflict your own maximum pain.

“The Guilt Trip” – Nothing pairs better with a story of a Jewish son and Jewish mother on a road trip than Chinese food. Ask for extra MSG so your guilt can match the movie’s.

“Red Dawn” – Match the cheese of the movie with the cheese of your takeout: A large double cheese pizza and a side of fried mozzarella sticks.

“Ip Man: The Final Fight” – A great movie about the man who taught Bruce Lee the art of kung fu. Avoid the obvious selection of Chinese and instead get a double order of Vietnamese spring rolls. See if you can break the spring rolls with your hand (though spring rolls do not hit back).

“Dexter” (Season Eight) – If you are going to watch crazy, you might as well eat crazy. Have delivered to you the following: The spiciest lamb curry from an Indian joint, beef kabobs from a Greek restaurant, a veggie wrap and a Philly cheese steak. Mash altogether in a large bowl and eat with a ladle.

“Elysium” – A movie starring Matt Damon and Jodi Foster that takes place in the future just screams Mexican food. Get a torta in honor of Matt and some tortilla soup in honor of Ms. Foster.

“Blackfish” – Best to avoid sushi with this documentary on killer whales in captivity. I mean, really, do you need any more guilt? Instead, go with a chicken shawarma, a side order of falafel balls and a yogurt drink.

“Orange Is The New Black” – Okay, imagine that you are in a women’s prison (no, not in that way). What is the one food you would be craving while you are in the joint? Yep, you guessed it: Sashimi and lots of it. Do not order the rice, as you do not want to feel bloated.

“Teen Beach Movie” – Don’t act like you’d never dial up this TV movie from Disney! Sometimes you just need to zone out in front of ridiculousness, so skip dinner and just order a slew of different cheesecakes from The Cheesecake Factory.

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