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For any self-confessed audiophile, Record Store Day (RSD) is like Christmas. A day where filtering through stacks and crates and boxes and piles and shelves of records is celebrated with its own international day of recognition! And with the rapid rise in popularity of all things vinyl once more, RSD has becoming officially mainstream. With a wide assortment of RSD exclusives being sold across the globe, it’s not uncommon nowadays to find a Justin Bieber limited edition LP sitting alongside Big Star, the BeeGees, and Bowie.

To celebrate Record Store Day, we have selected 16 titles released exclusively to participating record stores this April 16th that you should really be digging deep to find. They cover rock and pop, hip-hop, and shoegaze. Everything you could possible want and more.

David Bowie, I Dig Everything – The Pye Singles 1966
The late David Bowie has three exclusive RSD releases, including: the re-release of The Man Who Sold the Earth with an exclusive German artwork picture disk, and a 7” release of his Station to Station single “TVC15”. But on I Dig Everything, six Bowie singles previously unreleased on albums from before he was a star are compiled. This is a must-own.

Wendy O. Williams,  Fuck ‘n Roll (Live)
Wendy O. Williams was Courtney Love before there even was a Courtney Love. She was arrested for simulating sex on stage, and is known for chainsawing guitars onstage, among other anarchic work. This limited 7” release of Fuck ‘n Roll is quite something – previously only available on cassette, it was recorded in 1984 at L’Amour in Brooklyn. It’s a work of rock and roll at its grimiest and filthiest.

Various Artists, The Guest
Say hello to your next hit party soundtrack. Much like Drive before it, the compilation soundtrack for the slick thriller The Guest is full of oh-so-cool and moody synth-pop and dark instrumentals seemingly inspired by Miami Vice. A stunning remix of Annie’s “Anthonio” is a highlight, but so are tracks by synth goth-rockers Clan of Xymox, British punk outfit The Sisters of Mercy, and even the cheesy 1990 chart-topper “Because I Love You (The Postman Song)” by Stevie B.

Lydia Lunch & Marc Hurtado, My Lover the Killer
Lunch and Hurtado collaborate on this new release that’s described as a “late night noir confessional.” Full of sexy yet sinister songs that sound like they could be the work of David Lynch, My Lover the Killer is a dangerous and powerful work.

D.O.C., No One Can Do It Better
Texan rapper D.O.C.’s career was cut short when a car accident damaged his vocal chords. It’s impossible to not imagine him being revered today as much as Tupac, Biggie, and N.W.A. if he’d been able to continue recording. Nevertheless, the 1989 chart-topper No One Can Do It Better is a powerful and impeccably-assembled work of West Coast hip-hop. It showcases the early work of producer Dr. Dre, with N.W.A. members featured on tracks as well as behind the scenes.

Emmylou Harris, Wrecking Ball
Country singer Emmylou Harris has a lot of great albums to her name, but perhaps none more so than Wrecking Ball. This 1995 masterpiece finally comes to vinyl in an exclusive three-LP edition that features remastered alternate versions, demos, and outtakes, alongside the original. Your new Friday night wine soundtrack is here.

Alanis Morissette, Demos 1994-1998
Fans of the Canadian rocker ought to get their hands on this RSD exclusive. Originally released as the second disc on the Deluxe Edition of her Jagged Little Pill re-release, Demos 1994-1998 now comes to vinyl all by itself for the very first time. It’s limited to only 4,500 copies.

Fleetwood Mac, The Alternate Tusk
A peculiar experiment from Fleetwood Mac, The Alternate Tusk is a reworking of their famous 1979 album that sees the tracklisting shuffled and alternate takes of songs used instead of the originals. Originally featured as one disc of the 2015 five-disk reissue, The Alternate Tusk now comes to vinyl all by itself, and fans of the Mac will find a whole new light shed onto the album.

Clint Mansell/Kronos Quartet, Requiem for a Dream
For the first time ever, the score to Darren Aronofsky’s intense drug addiction drama Requiem for a Dream finally comes to vinyl. The music — famous for its alternative use of stabbing, violent strings and lush orchestrations — has been used countless times in movie trailers and commercials in the years since. Now you can experience it in the best way possible.

Soul Asylum, Grave Dancers Union
If you grimace at the thought that you never got to live your 1990s alt-rock phase on glorious vinyl, then worry no more. You can relive all your golden Empire Records fantasies by picking up Soul Asylum’s 1992 album Grave Dancers Union. Featuring their global smash “Runaway Train,” this is a classic from alt-rock’s glory days.

Lush, Origami
This RSD, shoegazing trailblazers Lush release Origami — a definitive box-set of all their albums. Across five LPs covering Spooky, Split, Lovelife, Gala, and Topolino, this colorful collection – each record is pressed on a different color of vinyl – reminds us of the immense talent that Lush had. “Blind Spot,” their latest EP, is out a day earlier.

Various Artists, Cambodian Cassette Archives: Khmer Folk and Pop Music Vol. 1
When the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia in 1975, they eradicated all art. Almost all artists were murdered, and nearly all works of music and film were destroyed. Some, however miraculously, survived and have been compiled alongside works from after the Cambodian Holocaust to give this stunning glimpse into the unique world of Cambodian music. Not for everyone, but a worthwhile release that will be impossible to forget.

Patti Smith, Horses Live at Electric Lady Studios
Electric Lady Studios are now releasing its own productions with a series of meticulously- crafted live albums, like this one from Patti Smith’s heyday. From “Gloria” to “Elegie,” this live version of Patti Smith’s iconic Horses is a new and fantastic way of hearing this incredible album.

Green River, 1984 Demos
They never attained quite the same level of fame of their Seattle grunge brethren, but Green River is widely considered the leader of the movement, and is recognized as having influenced all of the big bands from the era. This release of their 1984 demos encapsulates their sound and their energy, and is an essentially for grunge fanatics.

Xiu Xiu, Xiu Xiu Plays the Music of Twin Peaks
Experimental noise-pop outfit Xiu Xiu release their interpretation of the soundtrack to 1990s classic soapy thriller TV series Twin Peaks. Atmospherics are essential and Xiu Xiu Plays the Music of Twin Peaks has that in spades. The record comes pressed on red and blue vinyl and encased in a gatefold jacket. Fans of the series — and of Lynch — ought to snap up a copy quickly, as it is limited to only 2000 copies.

Simple Minds, Big Music Tour 2015
The band behind classic hits like “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” from The Breakfast Club went on tour last year, and now fans get this live recording to remember it by. Featuring not just the aforementioned high school graduation anthem (well, that’s certainly what it became), but all of their hits — as well as tracks from their latest album — Big Music Tour 2015 comes pressed on beautiful red vinyl.

Check out Record Store Day’s website for more information about releases, as well locations of participating stores.

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