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Hopefully, you used your time trapped inside due to blizzards and storms wisely and got to watch these titles that are leaving Netflix this February. Because as we all know, once they’re gone from Netflix they are gone forever! Okay, that’s not the case, but hopefully you didn’t miss out. Either way, a new batch of titles are appearing on the streaming service this month so let’s take a look.

Leaving: Bad Santa (Leaving 2/1/16) | Arriving: I Love You Phillip Morris (Arriving 2/3/16)

With Christmas now but a distant memory – remind me why we go through it each and every year?!? – it makes sense for the gloriously bitter seasonal pill Bad Santa to disappear from the airwaves for another year. Fans of inappropriate black comedy however, should definitely make time for I Love You Phillip Morris. It’s written and directed by the same guys who made Bad Santa and stars Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor as prison lovers. It’s ribald and raucous and will likely offend as many people as it makes bust a gut from laughter (or maybe it’ll do both!)

Leaving: The Hurt Locker (Leaving 2/1/16) | Arriving: Full Metal Jacket (Arriving 2/1/16)

Kathryn Bigelow became the first woman to ever win an Academy Award for best director for her efforts on The Hurt Locker (it also won best picture, writing, editing, and sound) so it will always have a place in history. Less so Full Metal Jacket, which for whatever reason doesn’t quite have the same reputation as many other movies about the Vietnam war. Personally, it’s one of my absolute favourite Kubrick titles, so now that it is available on Instant, you should find out why while also marveling at the performances of Vincent D’onofrio, R. Lee Ermy, and Matthew Modine.

Leaving: North Sea Texas (Leaving 2/19/16) | Arriving: Love (Arriving 2/4/16)

The Belgian romance North Sea Texas never got a fair shake from viewers with its gay storyline and restrained style. I guess those interested in something a bit more audacious should check out Frenchman Gasper Noé’s Love. This film premiered at Cannes to howls and cheers and originally played in cinemas in 3D. So, yes, the unsimulated sex scenes and now infamous splooge shot were quite, er, eye-catching. Now that it’s on regular old television in 2D, maybe the story will be more impressive. Brings a whole new meaning to “coming soon.” Just don’t confuse it with the Netflix-exclusive TV series of the same name from creator Judd Apatow.

Leaving: Compliance (Leaving 2/7/16) | Arriving: Dope (Arriving 2/10/16)

I was not much of a fan of Compliance, which was so incredibly far-fetched (despite its true story beginnings) that it became just too ridiculous to take seriously. Equally far-fetched, yet the far superior flick, is Dope. Starring Shameik Moore, who will be seen later this year on Netflix’s series The Get Down, this high school comedy finds a group of retro hip-hop loving teenagers forced into selling drugs in a way that brings new meaning to “high concept.” This isn’t your run-of-the-mill teen comedy, and has a wicked sting in its tail that will really make white audiences examine themselves and their privilege.

Leaving: Sabrina: The Animated Series (Leaving 2/28/16) | Arriving: Teen Witch (Arriving 2/1/16)

Okay, so the witch sorcery of Sabrina: The Teenage Witch probably wasn’t quite your scene, and certainly neither was the animated series that followed, but everybody with a funny bone should watch the gloriously hopeless Teen Witch. An unfathomably bad 90 minutes from 1989 that is extremely hilarious and brought us the single greatest moment of white-boy rap music in history. Top that!

Leaving: Jesus Camp (Leaving 2/21/16) | Arriving: Finding Vivian Maier (Arriving 2/27/16)

Jesus Camp, a documentary about children being sent away from religious indoctrination, is a great movie, but it is also terrifying. If you were “lucky” enough to watch that eye-popping horror show, then you will need a tonic to relieve the taste and Finding Vivian Maier should do the trick. It is a (literal) treasure trove of photography artefacts discovered at a garage sale and the detective investigation that goes into discovering who took them and why that person was never given their due as a world-class artist.

Leaving: The Terminator (Leaving 2/1/16) | Arriving: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (Arriving 2/26/16)

We don’t know yet whether the 16-years-later sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – the Oscar-winning Ang Lee film that kicked off the wuxia craze that prevailed for nearly a decade of big-screen international attention – will be worth the wait, but it’ll certainly be worth a watch. Following last year’s Beasts of No Nation, this big Netflix premiere will be a test of the streaming giant’s reach for first-run movie. And while fans of the big-screen experience can still see it in limited IMAX locations, it is primarily being used as the next step in Netflix’s efforts for world domination. Will they win? The trailer, which features a truly appalling cover version of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Bad Moon Rising,” doesn’t suggest they will just yet, but hey, they’ve always got Adam Sandler.

Here’s the entire list of movies leaving Netflix in February:

Leaving 02/01/16
“Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein” (1999)
“Asylum” (2005)
“Bad Santa” (2003)
“Benny and Joon” (1993)
“Big Fish” (2003)
“Blue Crush” (2002)
“Classic Doctor Who: Collections 1-18”
“Crocodile Dundee 2” (1988)
“The Dancer Upstairs” (2003)
“Daylight” (1996)
“Doctor Who,” Seasons 1-8
“The Firm” (1993)
“Fletch” (1985)
“Gifted Hands” (2009)
“Gothika” (2003)
“The Hurt Locker” (2008)
“The Naked Gun” (1988)
“Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult” (1994)
“Rain Man” (1988)
“Ray” (2004)
“Secrets and Lies,” Season 1
“Sorority Row” (2009)
“The Terminator” (1984)
“Terms of Endearment” (1983)

Leaving 02/02
“Pokemon the Movie: BW Adventures in Unova and Beyonce”
“Pokemon the Movie: Black: Victini and Reshiram”
“Pokemon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened”
“Pokemon the Movie: Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice”
“Pokemon the Movie: White: Victini and Zekrom”
“Pokemon: Black & White,” Seasons 1 and 2
“Pokemon: Indigo League,” Season 2

Leaving 02/03
“Bottle Shock” (2008)

Leaving 02/07
“Compliance” (2012)
“Jack and Diane” (2012)

Leaving 02/11
“Bridezillas,” Season 10
“Stephen King’s Bag of Bones” (2011)
“United 93” (2006)
“Were the World Mine” (2008)

Leaving 02/13
“The Fourth Kind” (2009)

Leaving 02/15
“Kitten Party” (2010)

Leaving 02/16
“The Pitch,” Season 2

Leaving 02/17
“Violet & Daisy” (2011)

Leaving 02/19
“North Sea Texas” (2011)
“Problem Child: Leslie Jones” (2010)
“Side by Side” (2012)

Leaving 02/21
“Jesus Camp” (2006)
“Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas,” Season 1
“Nobody Walks” (2012)
“Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning” (2012)

Leaving 02/25
“Chicagoland,” Season 1
“Death Row Stories,” Season 1

Leaving 02/25
“The Guild,” Season 1

Leaving 02/27
“Crooked Arrows” (2012)
“Halloween: Resurrection” (2002)

Leaving 02/28
“Sabrina: The Animated Series,” Seasons 1 and 2
“The Sea Inside” (2004)
“Sonic the Hedgehog: The Complete Series”

Here’s the entire list of movies arriving on Netflix in February:

Available 02/01/2016
“A Picture of You” (2014)
“Armageddon” (1998)
“Better Call Saul”: Season 1
“Charlie’s Angels” (2000)
“Collateral Damage” (2002)
“Cruel Intentions” (1999)
“A Faster Horse” (2015)
“Full Metal Jacket” (1987)
“Game Face” (2015)
“Jennifer 8” (1992)
“Johnny English” (2003)
“The Little Engine That Could (2011)
“The Lizzie Borden Chronicles”: Season 1
“Losing Isaiah (1995)
“Masha’s Tales”: Season 1
“My Side of the Mountain” (1969)
“Para Elisa” (2012)
“Pokémon: XY”: Season 1
“Scooby-Doo” (2002)
“Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed” (2004)
“Sin City” (2005)
“Star Trek V: The Final Frontier” (1989)
“Stardust” (2007)
“Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby” (2006)
“Teen Witch” (1989)
“Tin Man: Search for the Emerald” (2007)
“The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom” (2011)

Available 02/02
“Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave” (2016)

Available 02/03
“I Love You Phillip Morris” (2009)

Available 02/04
“Love” (2015)

Available 02/05
“Care Bears & Cousins”: Season 2 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL
“Hannibal Burress: Comedy Camisado” – NETFLIX ORIGINAL
“Mad Men”: Season 7, part 2
“Turbo – F.A.S.T.”: Season 3 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Available 02/06
“Lila & Eve” (2015)

Available 02/10
“Dope” (2015)
“The Girl in the Book” (2015)

Available 02/13
“The Face of Love” (2013)

Available 02/15
“Open Season” (2006)
“XXY” (2007)

Available 02/16
“Asthma” (2015)
“Atonement” (2007)

Available 02/17
“The Returned”: Season 2

Available 02/18
“Cooked”: Season 1 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL
“Love”: Season 1 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Available 02/22
“3rd World Cops 2” (2015)

Available 02/23
“Bare” (2015)

Available 02/24
“Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight!” (2015)

Available 02/26
“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny” – NETFLIX ORIGINAL
“Fuller House”: Season 1 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL
“Theo Von” (Netflix Original)

Available 02/27
“Finding Vivian Maier” (2013)

Available 02/29
“Ashes and Embers” (1982)

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