singlemanThis Valentine’s Day the second season of “House of Cards” is available on Netflix. Some might believe that this release date is an arbitrary choice, but we at Weekly Gravy know better. Why release this political drama’s second season on the most romantic day of the year, you ask? Because this show is precisely what Valentine’s Day is all about.

Sure, this D.C.-based thriller isn’t centered around a love story, not exactly. But love is a centerpiece of the acclaimed program. Love of power? Sure. But that’s not all. Unlike classic cinematic love stories, this tale is a boastful, witty and elaborate story of self-love. It is House Majority Whip Frank Underwood’s (Kevin Spacey) pointedly self-involved tale of revenge in the name of love. It is an anti-Valentine’s Day story and that’s why we love it.

From the moment Frank first turned to you the viewer and expressed his candid and biting sentiments, it became clear that this is a man who doesn’t believe in happy endings, if he’s even thought about it. He is an affable political animal looking out for number one, yet despite his open self-interest, he is undeniably charming. You want to root for this dirty-dealing monster. Is he an anti-hero? Of course, but in a television landscape as clogged with amoral psychopaths as BMWs on the 405 freeway, Frank Underwood stands alone with his razor sharp observations, his confident Southern drawl, and his ability to navigate the capital like Charlie Sheen in Cabo, always in style. Because Kevin Spacey is a master of characterization, he has crafted a behemoth of honesty, appalling merciless vengeance, and surprising wit in a seemingly effortless turn as this dynamic politician.

So, this Valentine’s Day, in the name of love, turn down the lights, find the perfect snack, and let the season two binging begin. It’s time to return to Washington.

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