When the weather warms up, it’s time to kick off those boots and insulated shoes and let your little piggies breathe. Get your toes out into the fresh air with a pair of stylish, yet comfy sandals. While some folks are against public displays of feet (especially gnarly, unkempt feet) in general, we say be brave and let your flippers shine. Sure, that’s just common sense when you’re at the beach, but there’s no need to suffer when you’re trotting around a scorching cityscape as well. Simply ignore all of those articles telling you that flip-flops in public are gross. As long as you practice some basic hygiene — and trim your toenails now and then — you should be all set. Here are six recommendations to get you ready for the sunny days ahead.

1. Noah Waxman ‘Mystic’ Leather Sandal

Who wouldn’t want a pair of ‘Mystic’ leather sandals? Even the name sounds enigmatic and cool. Well, Noah Waxman is happy to oblige with these fisherman sandals that are “made in America with a Goodyear welt” and come in “English Tan” (why not “American Tan,” though?). The leather and straps cover enough of your foot so it won’t seem like you’ve just come from the beach, but plenty of air will still get inside, cooling off your baking feet.

Rugged, classic looking and versatile, your ‘Mystic’ Sandals can be paired with jeans for a laid-back yet urban aesthetic, which make these a perfect choice for city dwellers.

2. Crocs Athens
Who doesn’t love Crocs? These sandals seem to be everywhere… at least in places where folks like to kick back, have a good time, and not worry about modern conventions — you know, like lace-up shoes. The Athens are one of a number of Croc entries into the “thong” market (not that kind of thong, in case you were picturing ladies on a beach in Rio).

These flip-flops are built with extra comfort and support in mind, compared to a traditional thong. They’re also odor-resistant (take that, haters), super-cozy, affordable, and a joy to wear no matter where you happen to be. And for all those haters who are gonna do what they do best simply because you’re wearing Crocs, three words: CAN. I. LIVE.

3. Mea Ola Slide

These dark java-colored slide sandals are easy on the eye, combining a chilled-out vibe with a sharp urban look. If you get your feet into a pair of Mea Ola Slides, not only will you land some footwear with “full-grain leather straps with canoe lash whip stitching,” (what?) but you also get the assurance of “non-marking molded rubber traction,” so you won’t slip around as you scoot around town, or the boardwalk by the beach. The laser-etched artwork on the souls is a nice artistic touch as well.

4. To Boot New York Barbados Fisherman Sandal

You don’t have to be a sunburned fisherman to appreciate these “Barbados Fisherman” sandals. And since the name “New York” is right there in the title, you can be assured these foot coverings are more about style than gritty work on a fishing boat. These Italian-made leather sandals, while not cheap, are durable, chic, and even come with an etched map of Manhattan on the sole. If you ever get lost in the Big Apple, all you’ll have to do is look down at your Italian sole.

5. Armando Cabral Wide Strap Leather Sandals

Now we’re talking class. The Armando Cabral Wide Strap Leather Sandals, made in Italy, will make you and your feet look modish and full of charm. In case you were wondering if a foot, or pair of feet can actually “be full of charm,” the answer is yes, they can. Once you slip into these bad boys, you’ll quickly learn that it’s possible to give your little piggies the air they need come summertime, while still maintaining a veneer of figurative (and literal) cool. Complete with a dark mushroom dye and sturdy rubber souls, these sandals are a great choice for  the gentleman who loves hanging out by the seaside.

6. Timberland Men’s Hollbrook Leather Slide Sandals

With the Timberland name, you know you’ll get a well-built product. The Timberland Men’s Hollbrook Leather Slide Sandals are no exception to this rule. With a solid Vibram® rubber soul, great traction, and Timberland’s own anti-fatigue technology, these bad boys will fit all of your leisurely activities — regardless of how relaxed or challenging your choice of “leisure” happens to be. Oh, and these slide sandals are also quite stylish as well. Not bad for something that takes less than two seconds to put on.