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How would you feel if someone told you that you were getting filet mignon at flank steak prices, only to find out that you weren’t even getting beef at all, but beef by-product instead? Pretty mad, right? Now, how would you feel if you found out that the restaurant down the street actually was selling filet mignon at bargain-basement prices and had been doing so for years, but you stuck with the other guys because they had a catchy name and a funny commercial?

Done fuming? That’s how you should feel if you’ve been using any shave club or monthly subscription program other than Gillette Shave Club. We’re all familiar with Gillette — it’s “the best a man can get,” after all. Gillette was probably your dad’s go-to razor when you were a kid, with good reason. It’s name has been synonymous with quality for decades. In fact, a blind study conducted by an independent research company found that, for a few hundred men, Gillette ProGlide® blades rated as closer, smoother, more comfortable, and better on a number of other factors than the comparable blades from the leading competitor. You know, that shave club with the catchy name and commercial we were talking about.

It’s not just that Gillette blades are better (but that should be enough of a reason to switch, honestly). They’re also a better bargain. Gillette’s top-of-the-line Fusion ProShield® head, which boasts five blades, lubrication before and after the blades, and compatibility with a number of Gillette’s handles, is so well-made that it can last up to a month and give you the same close and comfortable shave it did the day you took it out of its packaging. Each head comes out to less than 6 dollars a month. The top-of-the-line head from a competing shave club costs 9 dollars a month, and instead of 1 head, they send you 4. Now, you may be thinking: “9 bucks for 4 cartridges is a better deal than 6 bucks for 1!” Let me ask you this question: Would you rather pay less for one really well-made and quality product that has a long lifetime, or more for 4 poorly-made products that only last a week, at best? Of course you picked the first option. You’re a smart guy.

Even if you don’t opt for Gillette’s top-of-the-line head, you can rest assured that any other option you choose will have the quality and craftsmanship that Gillette puts into each and every one of its products. Besides getting dang-good razor blades that’ll give you a shave so smooth your baby cousin’s butt will be jealous, a Gillette Shave Club membership will also get you access to free products, exclusive content, grooming tips, and entries into sweepstakes that will let you win tickets to professional sports games, concerts, and other entertainment events. Can those beef by-product guys say they offer the same? Didn’t think so.

Right now, Gillette Shave Club is promoting a limited-time offer that’ll get you a free bottle of shave cream and a razor blade handle when you sign up for a membership. That way, when you open your very first Gillette Shave Club box, you’ll have everything you need to start getting the closest, smoothest shaves of your life right off the bat. Sign up for Gillette Shave Club today, and start saving big.