picklesIn college, I had a dude friend who was super into cooking all kinds of crazy and inventive cuisines. He had the most immaculate kitchen set up of any college student I have ever seen, and in it he had a closet filled with all of his ingredients and unique, crazy types of food he liked to hunt down and keep around.

We called this closet his “Mantry.” We thought it was a clever name.

Apparently, so did the founders of Mantry, branded as “The Modern Man’s Pantry,” and American Artisan food-of-the-month club, according to the company’s Twitter.

If you sign up for Mantry’s monthly service, you’ll get a curated selection of six premium, full-sized food products every 30 or so days that the guys at Mantry have tracked down from all over the country. And all the products go together in certain thematic ways, ways that are described in the manual of tailor-made recipes that comes with the gnosh every month.

Oh, and the products arrive in a very manly looking, American-made wooden crate. I would use them for storage in my apartment, to seem more manly.

The ingredients that come your way every month are a complete surprise, but to give you an idea of what you’d be dealing with, here are the inclusions of two boxes from past months:

Italian American Picnic

  • Spicy’n Sweet, Nonna’s Sweet Sauce
  • Gracious Gourmet Hatch Chili Pesto
  • Creminelli Tartufo Salami
  • Sfoglini Pasta Shop Handmade Cavatelli
  • Quinn Popcorn Parmesan and Rosemary Popcorn
  • Belle Chevre Tuscan Chevre

Craft Beer Belly

  • P&H Soda Co. Sasparilla Syrup
  • Anarchy in a Jar Spiced Beer Jelly
  • Beer Flats Crackers
  • Liddabit Sweet Beer and Pretzel Caramels
  • SlantShack Jerky Bronx Pale Ale Beef Jerky

You can purchase one box for $75, a three-month subscription for $225, or a six-month subscription for $450.

So snag a box and impress your girl with an in-house special meal straight out of your very own Mantry.