beerSince the dawn of time, friends and enemies have debated which type of establishment is truly the best place to find a drink: clubs or bars. While each type of business invariably offers different options, one must rise victorious. So here at the Weekly Gravy, we will examine the two and pick a winner.

The word bar conjures the images of dive spots tucked away in back alleys. Some are covered in kitschy sports memorabilia, others offer fine leather booths and gorgeous light fixtures. Clubs can also offer a decadent atmosphere, but the dance floor inevitably is center-stage. Bars and clubs are often similar in many ways, but upon examination, every watering hole falls under one name or the other.

DJs for example can be found at either place, but the point is often very different. A DJ at a bar’s job is helping set the mood, a DJ at a club aims to get people dancing. Now girl’s love dancing, this point can never be overstated enough. Girls love dancing.

Now in 2013, both bars and clubs have “mixologists” created a wide array of exciting and ridiculous drinks. Because this trend is commonly found at both venues, it’s rendered neutral in this comparison.

With the outcropping of new clubs in New York, LA and Vegas it has to be said that based upon the awe-inspiring ambition in some of these businesses, clubs win. Bars of the world cannot compete with the decor and atmosphere clubs can provide. But we are not solely judging atmosphere.

Let’s examine what both bars and clubs offer the average guy. In clubs, the dance floors are enormous, the drinks are overpriced and the music is dominating. Often times, attendees are not even able to have a conversation amidst the thump of the house music. So if you are looking for beautiful environments filled with attractive people you likely can’t talk to, but can dance with, well then clubs are your best bet. But relying on pheromones and dance moves when looking for a special girl is treacherous.

Some bars have also invested in comfortable and fun spaces, and when it comes to meeting someone worth knowing among the opposite sex, rapport and conversation is everything. So while clubs are exciting and noisy places, the excitement fades quickly. Nothing compares to a cozy seat and good conversation over a fresh drink in a bar.