What kinds of food do you think of when you think of Los Angeles?

Sushi? Absolutely. The City of Angels is a seafood lover’s paradise. Tacos? You better believe it. Our proximity to Mexico alone should make that clear. But fried chicken and waffles? This venerable comfort-food staple is popping up all over town. It may be a Southern dish, but it’s found some eager taste buds in Southern California. Take a gander at these fine establishments and their own particular spin on this addictive pairing.

Scott Baumgartner
Spicy fried chicken and coconut waffle, EsCaLA

EsCaLA, Koreatown

This K-Town destination is worth the visit for the wonderful decorations alone. Of course, the food ain’t bad either. This Colombian/Korean infusion joint is decked out in Angeleno-centric street art that can’t help but catch the eye. They serve spicy fried chicken on a fresh coconut waffle, all topped with a fried egg. Make sure to get there early — this treasure is only served for brunch.
Mabel’s, Downtown

This place just sprung up, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still determined to make waves. They struck ground on this eatery with the condiment lover in mind. You get your choice of dark or light meat for your fried chicken and must choose between four types of syrup, the most exotic of which are jalapeno vanilla bean and roasted bacon maple. But wait, there’s more! They offer seven sauces/dips for your chicken, including everything from chipotle bbq to sweet asian chili! So. Much. Flavor.

A.O.C. Wine Bar and Restaurant, West Hollywood

This new spot is an excellent way to experience chef Suzanne Goin’s culinary vision. First, they take a cornmeal waffle. Then, they load it up with spicy Spanish fried chicken. Then, the dish is doused in prusciutto. Then, you stick your face in it.

Scott Baumgartner
Fried chicken with scallion-sage waffles, LA MILL COFFEE

This charming roastery has an extensive java menu, and although they pride themselves on their coffee, they know a thing or two about fried, savory, delectable things to munch on as well. For breakfast, they offer fried chicken with scallion-sage waffles. Their spicy honey butter is gonna change your life.

Willie Jane, Venice
This new(ish) joint aims to do Southern dining right, and we’ll go ahead and say they hit their mark. There are greens and biscuits aplenty. Their tender fried chicken and waffles are served with a sweet/spicy slaw. Oh, did we mention the whole dish is sprinkled with jalapeno slices? Come hungry!

Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles, Multiple Locations 
If you’re a local, you knew we’d arrive here eventually. Mostly because Roscoe’s is the originator when it comes to delicious fried chicken placed lovingly on a golden waffle. Yes, their waffles are enormous. Yes, their chicken is juicy. And yes, you will be back for more.

Photo credits: Scott Baumgartner