alcohol deliver

Check the scenario:

You have invited a few friends over to show off your awesome, new-found mixology skills (or, at least what you think are your awesome mixology skills). You’ve bought all of the bartending tools, you have the mixers all mixed, the fruit is all cut; you even remembered to make extra ice, something you typically forget. Everything is set and ready to go… until it dawns on you that your fifth of Woodland Reserve Bourbon is nearly drained. (You drained it last week while binge-watching “Orange Is The New Black.”) You friends will be here any minute and even if they weren’t there is no way you’re trekking out to a liquor store. But you need that Woodland Reserve Bourbon to make your special Old Fashioneds, which just so happen to be the only drink you learned to make for the evening. Your night is officially going to screw the pooch.

That’s where comes in.

Available in New York, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles, is the first mobile application that allows you to order up your spirit needs and have them delivered to you within the hour. The people behind the app work with local stores to find the best selection of the city’s favorites.  You can browse, select and pay for your liquor entirely within the app. Think of it as the most convenient way to get your very own bottle service without ever having to leave your own home… or without having to over-tip a waitress who almost assuredly wasn’t going to have sex with you anyways.

Thirstie is a free app to use – you just pay the price for the booze, which offers the same price you would buy in a store. There is a delivery fee in LA and Chicago but in NYC there is none (proving once again that New York offers everything). Now you never have to worry about being without your beloved liquor. To paraphrase the cult classic The Adventure’s of Buckaroo Bonzai Across The Eighth Dimension, “No matter where you go, there is your booze.”

Actually, The app’s slogan is “Liquor when you want it, where you want it,” which basically translates (for me anyway) into, “I want it now, right in my belly.” Okay, it roughly takes about sixty minutes but, still, if you ever find yourself making an East Side and you are out of Hendrick’s Gin and your East Sides are made with only Hendrick’s Gin and there is no way in hell you are going out to buy it, well then, Thirstie might just be your new best friend.

And Thirstie might be the easiest and fastest way to send a gift ever. Let’s all take a ride on the honest train for a moment: Buying gifts is a pain in the ass, even for people whom you really like. To be able to purchase a present at the last moment via your phone and have it sent within the hour is every slacker’s wet dream.  And the fact that the gift is booze officially makes it the greatest gift ever.  

The Thirstie app also offers up cocktail recipes, wine tasting notes, and bartending trends, so no matter where you are you are able to fake your way through any cocktail conversation regarding cocktails.