(HealthDay News) — A change in your nails may be no cause for concern, but certain changes should be taken seriously, the American Academy of Dermatology says.

The academy suggests visiting a dermatologist at the first sign of:

  • A dark streak. This could be a sign of melanoma skin cancer.
  • A nail lifting up. This could be a sign of a fungal infection, psoriasis, injury from an aggressive manicure or injury from cleaning under your nails.
  • Redness and swelling around a nail. You probably have an infection.
  • Greenish black color. You probably have an infection.
  • Pitting nails. These may be triggered by psoriasis, atopic dermatitis or alopecia.
  • Yellow nails. These could be a sign of lung disease or rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Deep grooves or gaps. These could be triggered by chemotherapy, an injury or major stress.
  • Curved nails. These can be hereditary or a sign of lung, heart, liver or stomach disease.