That new television, cabinet or appliance you’re looking to snag on Black Friday or Cyber Monday could bring unexpected dangers to your home.

So don’t forget to buy a kit to anchor it to the wall and keep it from tipping over and harming young kids, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) urges.

“With the holiday shopping season upon us, it is critical to anchor your new TV or furniture to the wall to help prevent tip-over incidents,” said CPSC Chair Alex Hoehn-Saric.

“Even if a TV or piece of furniture comes without an anti-tip-over kit, you can order them online or purchase them at your local hardware store for $20 or less,” he noted in a commission news release.

Since 2000, 581 deaths caused by furniture, TV or appliance tip-overs have happened in the United States. Of those, 472 involved children.

Just last month, the CPSC approved a mandatory safety standard for dressers, chests and other clothing storage units. This ensures they meet new minimum stability requirements designed to prevent furniture from tipping over.

Until more stable furniture makes its way into the marketplace, the CPSC said consumers should anchor their furniture.

You can repair a wall after removing a furniture anchor if you redecorate or move, the commission noted.

If anchoring is not an option, it recommended placing TVs on a sturdy, low base and pushing them back as far as possible.

Avoid displaying or storing items, such as toys and remotes, in places where kids might be tempted to climb up to reach them, the CPSC recommended.

Finally, consider recycling older TVs that you don’t use, the commission advised.

More information

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has more about safely anchoring furniture.

SOURCE: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, news release, Nov. 16, 2022