thinkingmanJanuary is almost over and all those New Year’s Resolutions you made are beginning to feel like arduous chores, that is, if you haven’t already given up on them entirely. Exercise? Clean the garage? Quit smoking? Isn’t there any easier way to try and attack at all those irritating imperfections that strewn our lives?

Well, there are apps to help us find that soggy pizza we ate, and there’s apps to hail a ride to that club, logic tells us there must be a few apps out there that can make all this self-improvement crap easier. As luck would have it, there are and here the most promising apps out there.

1. Sit Ups Pro – Hate working out? Get in line! This surprisingly simple app is designed to help set goals when doing sit-ups and crunches. If you’re numbers oriented with goals, this app can provide that little nudge to put down the fudge and do a sit up or two.

2. Luminosity – By now, you’ve probably heard of this company, but if you haven’t, they create simple memory games designed to train your memory, strengthen your cognitive skills and improve your attention span. Time to work out that noodle!

3. Epicurious – Whether you’re trying to get healthy and eat more vitamins, or you’re just sick of corndogs, this fantastic app is a treasure trove of recipes for any and all occasions. They offer tips and current news in the culinary stratosphere. Getting lean or getting creative? Either way, get cooking.

4. DrinkTracker – Everyone loves a drink, but knowing your limits and being safe are key. This app provides a great way to monitor your Blood Alcohol Content. Just input your favorite drinks, select the amount and the beverage when you sit down for a few cold ones and this tool keeps track of your intake and metabolic removal rate. Of course, if your phone’s screen appears blurry, or typing is difficult, perhaps you should just stay put for a while.

5. MyFitnessPal –  Yes, yes another fitness app! Hey, we didn’t decide you needed to lose 30 lbs by May, you did, and this excellent app can help you get it done. Not only does this app provide a calorie counter, it’s also got a food journal and the ability to set diet goals. Apparently monitoring and documenting what you eat can have impressive results. Seriously, no one is encouraged to read that they ate: Cheesecake, cheesecake, cheesecake.