man relaxing on couch

I am writing this on a Friday night in my Bushwick bedroom. I’m sitting at my desk in a pair of boxer shorts and a T-shirt, with The National’s fantastic album “Trouble Will Find Me” playing softly and a half-gallon of Johnnie Walker’s most inexpensive amber-colored elixir, some of which is poured into a rocks glass I drunkenly stole from some bar one night. I’m about to put on a television show or a movie or porn or WHATEVER I WANT.

This is not going to be a sad or lonely place. Alone does not mean lonely.

I say that because you may have thought it was going to, on account of my being a 26-year-old, mostly healthy man with friends who lives in one of the most exciting and active cities in the world. And that I’m drinking whiskey alone in my bedroom on a weekend night.

But, God’s honest truth be told, the position I’m in was planned much earlier in the week, and I have been looking forward to it very much. When you, my co-workers and most of my friends were heading out for happy hour or going home to prepare for a night out doing all kinds of social things, I was looking forward to hopping on the train, walking through my door, pouring a drink, firing up my laptop (I don’t have a television) and taking my jeans off.

What I’m in the midst of is a “Mevening.” A “Mevening is when you make a conscious decision to spend the night alone, doing whatever the hell you want for the pleasure of yourself and yourself only. Essentially, you pamper yourself in whatever way you can and in whatever way you see fit without leaving the confines of your home.

See, I’m a big believer in alone time, and in the notion that sometimes you need to just hang out with yourself, especially after a taxing few days or week or month or year. It’s a great way to get back to neutral.

When I decide I’m going to have a Mevening, I get psyched up for it, and I usually end up planning it out a little bit. Mostly because I like to pretend it’s a big deal, and because I love hype.

First thing you should address is entertainment. If you want to sit at home, existentially contemplate the meaning of life and all that while you stare at the wall, that’s your prerogative, but that’s not the most enjoyable way for most of us to spend our solitary time.

I usually pick out a movie to watch, a television show to crush a few episodes of, and a book that I really want to tear into, and then depending on how I feel and how the night progresses, I indulge in one, two, or all of these options, in no particular order.

Second thing I factor in is a booze selection. For me, the Mevening drink of choice is Johnnie Walker Red. It’s affordable and delicious, and there is, I must admit, a bit of badge value there.  If you’re in couch city, a nice glass of scotch really classes it up from where I was a few years ago, which was trying not to spill boxed red wine everywhere.

But you might not want to drink at all during your Mevening. Cool. This is your night. And there won’t be anyone around to urge you to drink, like would happen if you were out at a bar with friends.

Finally, food. Food is crucial to a fantastic Mevening. Since I enjoy the least amount of exertion during my Mevenings, I like to decide on a takeout place and get some delivery. It’s almost always Chinese. But you may want to cook yourself up something great you’ve been craving. What I’m saying is you should think about the nourishment that’s going to sustain you for the night beforehand, so you’re not hanging out on the couch watching Ally McBeal and realize you have to go out grocery shopping when you’re already in your boxers/kimono combo.

Enjoy your night, fellas. And go to sleep whenever you want. You’ll almost always feel bette.