valentinesdayYes, Valentine’s Day is basically just a made-up holiday to force you to spend money and stress you the hell out. This is something we all must learn to accept. Still, that is no excuse to go out and buy some craptastic gift. (A good rule of thumb: No one really likes a teddy bear holding a heart that says in big bubble lettering, “I heart you.” NO ONE.) It is possible to come up with a unique and interesting Valentine’s Day gift regardless of your cash flow. Below are some ideas that you can not only use but you can even say you came up with all on your own. (We won’t sue.) And even though it might be a hassle, let us remember the most important thing about Valentine’s Day…

Celebrating it means you are not alone.

Hard to find spirits: Nothing says love like booze. But what do you want that love to say? Cause if you buy your honey a bottle of standard, middle of the road spirits, you are basically telling your loved one, “You’re kinda ‘meh.’” Dig a little deeper. Go to a real liquor store that truly knows its stuff and ask for recommendations for rare, small batch spirits. And for God’s sake, just like safe sex, wrap it up.

Chocolate making class: A box of chocolate is really romantic…if you are in the fourth grade. Enroll as a couple into a chocolate making class and learn the fine art of seduction through the creation of chocolate. (And also eat a lot of chocolate in the process.)

A year membership to an art museum: If the person you love is really into the art thing, consider surprising them with a year membership to your city’s art museum. It show’s that you are into what your boyfriend or girlfriend likes and it shows that you care enough to support the public arts. Everybody wins.

Jewelry made out of brass keys: If you are ready to take the next step in your relationship but don’t really want to label it as “the next step,” try getting some jewelry made out of brass keys. They are unisex, they are cool and funky, you are being green by buying them and it shows that you are serious about the relationship but not so serious that you want to get hitched.

Framed album cover: 1) Find out who your special person’s favorite musical artist is. 2) Go to a vinyl shop, search high and low for any record from said artist and purchase. 3) Get that album covered framed immediately. 4) Present gift and get showered with kisses for such thoughtfulness.

Gift card bouquet: Go around to your boyfriend or girlfriend’s favorite stores and get gift cards to all of them and then do a little arts and crafts project and turn them into a bouquet. It shows that you took more time and effort than just running to a flower shop (or 7 Eleven).  Flowers die. Gift cards don’t.

The Love Coupon: If you are really strapped for dough then a good thing to do is come up with a handmade “love” coupon. Do not hastily jot down a note on a torn piece of paper that says, “This coupon is good for one super duper backrub!” You may very well give out super duper backrubs, but that is beside the point. Take it to the next level. Get some nice stationary and write out in your very best penmanship, “ Because I am so lucky to have you, this is a special coupon that gives you one full weekend of doing whatever you want to do as a couple without me complaining about it like I usually do.”