If, like me, you’re incredibly rich (I only write to stay in touch with the common people), and you just don’t know what to do with your fleet of super-cars when your supermodel girlfriends aren’t driving them back from your mega-yacht, I have a few tips for you.

First of all, never park them on the street (the cars, not the super models… well, the girls too). You’re part of the one percent now — and maybe even the one percent of the one percent. (If true, we definitely know each other.) Street parking is for peasants. Second, no matter where you choose to let your sports car or luxury ride sleep at night, make sure it costs more than what a family of four lives off of during an entire year — or better yet, an entire decade. You don’t want your friends gossiping about how cheap you are behind your back, after all.

And so, with these basic tips in mind, here are a few suggestions — depending on where you reside — that should give you a few ideas about what you can do with your amazing cars.

Living Room Parking, Singapore

Want a luxury apartment in a lofty tower, with a glass garage inside the living room, in order to display the muscle and grace you’ve invested in your set of wheels? If you happen to live in Singapore, and you have plenty of cash to spare, this dream can now become your reality. Hamilton Towers offers penthouse flats with an elevator service that will deliver your sports car right to your apartment. Enjoy the stunning view outside through large windows, while stealing sidelong glances at your beautiful super-cars next to your sofa.

KRE House, Japan
japan supercarIf you want your Lamborghini to pop up into your living room, then the KRE House in Japan, designed by Takuya Tsuchida, should fit the bill nicely. It’s a handsome house with a nine-car garage. The added bonus comes with the car elevator, which can hoist your Ferrari, or aforementioned Lamborghini up into the living room, where it can be displayed as a piece of motorized art. Just don’t try and use it as a coffee table.

Craig Jackson Garage

You’d expect a person who has auctioned off around a billion dollars’ worth of cars to invest in a super-fancy garage for his own car collection. Not wanting to disappoint, Craig Jackson, the owner of the Barrett-Jackson auction house, built a multi-million dollar garage for his fleet of high-end automobiles. Incredible lighting inside, and a circular design, enables this businessman to highlight his impressive assortment of motorized vehicles. Not too shabby for a lover of gorgeous cars.

Auto Silo, Germany

While the Auto Silos, in Wolfsburg, Germany might not necessarily be for the super-rich, they still offer up a fairly interesting way of delivering a new Volkswagen. These glass storage silos — hooked up to the manufacturing facility next door by means of an underground tunnel — deliver, store, and then deliver again (to paying customers, of course) automobiles through a network of automated conveyer belts and rotating elevator arms. All this adds up to a pretty cool way of getting your Volkswagen, before you even get to take it out on the streets.

Steve Hermann’s Glass Pavilion

Steve Hermann’s Glass Pavilion is a lovely, spacious home, located in the upscale area of Montecito, California. On top of the expansive grounds, privacy from neighbors, and glass walls everywhere (letting in tons of light), these digs also boast a showroom that functions as a car garage, capable of accommodating more than 30 cars. If you’re thinking, “Yowsers, where can I get a house like this for myself?” you’re in luck. This expansive and splendiferous palace can be yours for around 35 million bucks. Simply write a check and be done with it. What are you waiting for?