US actor Bill Murray uses a small camera

Everyone has likely taken the time to consider how they’d spend their life if they were a world-famous actor. Some would probably just want to sail around on boats with Victoria’s Secret models like Leonardo DiCaprio, others would obsessively immerse themselves in their roles like Daniel Day-Lewis. Or one could build a legendary mystique among fans and co-workers as one of the most fun-loving, eccentric and enigmatic people to ever walk the Earth, just like Bill Murray. Here are ten reasons why Bill Murray is every bit as cool as you hope, and much stranger than any fiction he’s helped created.

Gave away production money during filming of ‘Ghostbusters’
During filming on the classic comedy in New York, Bill Murray decided to withdraw thousands of dollars (of the production’s money) in small bills from an ATM and give it away to homeless people.

Agreed to walk down a hallway in slow motion
While doing promotional work for Trident Academy, a school that one of his children attends, a young filmmaker asked if he’d be willing to do an epic walk with him like so many Wes Anderson films. Of course, Murray agreed.

He was almost killed by Hunter S. Thompson
During the filming of “Where the Buffalo Roam,” Hunter and Bill entertained a serious game of one-upsmanship which ended with the writer tying the actor to a chair and throwing him in his pool. Thankfully Hunter pulled him out before he drowned.

He crashed a bachelor party

Just this year, Bill Murray invaded a bachelor party to offer some thoughtful words to some stunned Boston College friends. This speech puts all other booze-soaked, stripper-filled bachelor parties to shame.

Read poetry to construction workers
Mr. Murray took it upon himself to recite poetry for a crew of construction workers during Poets House’s transition from SoHo to Battery Park. He read Billy Collins’ ‘Another Reason Why I Don’t Keep A Gun In The House’ among others while wearing a snazzy construction helmet.

He performing with Eric Clapton
In 2007, Bill Murray stopped by the Crossroads Guitar Festival in Chicago to play the only song he claims to know how to play: “Gloria” by Van Morrison. Oh, and some guy named Eric Clapton joined him near the end.

He bar-tended at the SXSW Festival
During the festivities, Murray boldly climbed behind the bar in the Shangri-La bar and began serving patrons to the disbelief of everyone. Apparently, he didn’t give people what they ordered, choosing instead to serve whatever he wanted, but we’re assuming no one complained. The fun starts around 0:50.

He washed dishes at a stranger’s house party
Bill Murray was in St. Andrews, Kentucky for a golf tournament when he was spotted drinking at Ma Bells Bistro Bar. A Norwegian woman named Lykke Stavnef asked Murray if he’d like to come back to her place for a party, and he agreed. He spent the rest of the night charming the party-goers, and strangely enough, cleaning up after them.

His golf outfits are legendary
Now, golf ensembles are by nature pretty goofy, but Bill Murray takes this practice to a whole new level. Golfing in a camouflage body suit? Why not.

He sang karaoke with Clint Eastwood
If there’s a golf tournament, Bill Murray will come. This time it was the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am charity golf tournament. Murray sang and Clint mumbled “Brandy, You’re A Fine Girl” by Looking Glass. Bill Murray: golfer and lounge crooner.

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