Word has gotten out that author Chuck Palahniuk plans to release a sequel to the mind-bending cult favorite Fight Club. The follow-up will be taking an unconventional route, though. Instead of a novel, the story will be released as a 10-issue Dark Horse comic in 2015. The installments will be illustrated by Cameron Stewart, best known for his work on the DC Comic Catwoman.

The book will once again follow the unnamed Narrator, who is now married to Marla Singer. Picking up with this character during his middle-ages, Palahniuk will explore the narrator’s relationship with his son Junior, follow up with what has become of Project Mayhem, and of course, the return of Tyler Durden. In honor of this exciting and unexpected news, here are ten bits of Fight Club knowledge befitting of this beloved film.

1) The character Tyler Durden appears before the Narrator four times before the two actually meet. This is just one of several ways Fincher hinted at Durden’s mysterious relationship with the main character.

2) Director David Fincher claims that a Starbucks cup is visible in every scene of the film. Except in the final scene where buildings collapse. Starbucks refused to have their storefront destroyed in the film, so the giant globes crashes into a Gratifico Coffee shop.

3) Actress Helena Bonham Carter used the late Judy Garland heavily as her inspiration for Marla Singer. It was a well-known fact on set — so much so that Fincher would often caller her “Judy” to encourage the proper frame of mind.

4) Soap and how it is made plays a large role in both the film and book. During filming, Pitt and Norton were actually taught how to make soap in order by the boutique company Auntie Godmother to add weight to their performances.

5) The actor Meat Loaf wore a suit filled with birdseed in order to have the appearance of significant sagging flesh. The suit weighed over 100 pounds.

6) It’s very subtle but, in a street scene, the film features theater marquee signs for Seven Years in Tibet, Wings of the Dove, and The People Vs. Larry Flynt. Brad Pitt, Helena Bonham Carter and Edward Norton star in those three films, respectively.

7) Apparently Brad Pitt didn’t want his parents to see the film because of its dark tone and heavy violence; however, they insisted. They made it up until the chemical burn scene before deciding that the film wasn’t for them.

8) Helena Bonham Carter and Brad Pitt spent three days just recording orgasm sounds for their sex scenes, which are not shown. But the one sex scene featuring Tyler and Marla’s sexual escapades was shot with “bullet-time” technique — the same innovative style used in The Matrix.

9) The film has three detectives: Detective Andrew, Detective Kevin, and Detective Walker. The screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker collaborated with Pitt and Fincher on Se7en, and did some uncredited work on the film’s script.

10) In the film, Norton’s character examines a burnt-out 1990 Lincoln Town Car. Later in the film, Tyler and the Narrator crash the very same car.

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