80s TV

Every era has a few familiar faces we can’t get over. Their feminine wiles were mysterious and intoxicating and always had us coming back for more. A baseball game is not a baseball game without a beer and a hotdog, Butch Cassidy was nothing without the Sundance Kid, and the ’80s would have been a different thing entirely had it not been for these striking women.

Robin Wright

We all met this breath-taking beauty in The Princess Bride (1987), in which she ordered Cary Elwes’ character around like royalty. His constant response: “As you wish.” The entirety of the story is dependent upon Wright being a beauty worth fighting for, and she is. She didn’t find acclaim until Forrest Gump (1994) and now she’s Claire Underwood on the award-winning Netflix series “House of Cards.” But to us, she’ll always be Buttercup.

Kelly LeBrock

This stunning woman became every adolescent boys’ dream when she appeared in Weird Science (1985). In the the film, two high school dweebs attempt to create the perfect woman. The result: Kelly LeBrock. Belly shirts were created solely for this actress. Trust us. And the English accent didn’t hurt either.

Ally Sheedy

Who could forget this familiar face? She was adorable as Matthew Broderick’s leading lady in Wargames (1983) and she filled out the Brat Pack crew in St. Elmo’s Fire (1985), but she stole scenes the as the eccentric crazed loner in The Breakfast Club (1985). She made every guy want to go to detention.

Michelle Pfeiffer

When Tony Montana is gunning for you, you must be a looker. And so she was (and still is). She may be better known as Catwoman in Batman Returns (1992), or as the hard-edged teacher in Dangerous Minds (1995), but to us, she’ll always be the Miami beauty that men would kill for in Scarface (1983).

Elizabeth Shue

This actress somehow made babysitting look amazing. Then again, in the ’80s, she was also cheered on the karate kid and fooling around with Tom Cruise under a waterfall in Cocktails (1988). Let’s just admit it, this decade would have been a sad march through homework and chores without Elizabeth Shue. And didn’t we all wish that when our parents left us at home for a night of getting sloshed, a beautiful, fearless, loyal hottie like Chris Parker from Adventures in Babysitting (1987) would come over to take care of us? Not to mention feisty: “Don’t f**k with the babysitter” put the fear of God (and babysitters) in us for years to come.

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