Football season is well into full-swing, which means drunk and idiotic fans everywhere have also started swinging. It’s a perfect storm. Wild tailgating, ridiculous face paint, one too many drinks and passionate attendees start attacking their opponents’ fanbase… and their own.

So, clearly some of these videos and stories are graphic. Rowdy inebriated people wailing on each other can get mighty ugly. You’ve been warned.

When the Philadelphia Eagles faced off against the Washington Redskins in September things got heated on the field. But the real action was in the stadium where Eagles fans faced off against other Eagles fans. That’s right. We can only guess what began the pointless dispute, but regardless it got gnarly: women shouting at women, bodies hurled down stairs, fisticuffs a plenty. Don’t mess with Philadelphia.

Next on our tour of fan bouts is the bitter rivalry between the San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals. This brawl involved a few dozen raucous fans, men and women alike, pounding away at each other. Security guards finally broke up the mayhem, but not before it spilled down the stands and erupted on a staircase. Yikes.

If you think this type of face-pounding debauchery is only the practice of NFL fandom, then you are dead wrong. In the game between Notre Dame and Syracuse, one brawler only took one hit before tumbling over the seats. Is this really why fans go to games? What a waste of money.

Not all sloppy fan brawls occur in the stands either. Some go down in what should be the sanctuary of the football arena: the restroom. In October, some San Francisco fans decided to tango again, this time while waiting in line in the men’s room. A not-so-gentleman in a Frank Gore jersey decided to pummel another fan in a Colin Kaepernick jersey. This piece of hooliganism led to some arrests for assault.

If you don’t hate sports fans in St. Louis, this little snippet should send you over the edge. Following the killing of an 18-year-old African American in Ferguson, Missouri, protestors took to the streets several times. They even showed up outside a Rams game. What followed can only be described as truly ugly. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that the chaos began with a fan spitting on a Ferguson protester. What followed was a vicious battle between Rams fans and protesters.

So yeah, some go to football games to cheer for their favorite teams and enjoy the weekend, others go look for a face to beat. Sportsmanship.

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