hangover2Whether you’re 23 or 73, it’s likely you’ve awoken to a churning stomach and a throbbing headache. A real hangover can be disastrous and put a serious dint in what should be a good time. So the age-old question arises: Is it possible to do some serious drinking and not wanna die the next morning? After some investigating, we have laid out the beverages that often leave us with the very worst mornings, after the very best nights.

1) Champagne – Everyone loves to celebrate with a flute of the bubbly goodness. But this stuff, especially the super sweet stuff, can make for some unfathomable pain when the sun rises. To avoid this, always looks for Brut or Extra Brut champagnes in an effort to avoid all that residual sugar.

2)  Whiskey – Believe it or not, colored liquors are much more likely to lead to those dreaded hangovers. In the fermentation process, byproducts called congeners are created, which are basically toxins. So, although we all love the warm amber color of a Canadian whiskey, a gin or vodka would be a safer route.

3) Rum – This Caribbean mainstay is made from sugar cane and for some utterly awful reason, sugar paired with alcohol is known to wreck havoc on our bodies and flush our system of vitamins. I blame the pirates…

2) Red Wine – We’ve all felt the painful effects of a cheap bottle of red wine. Although wine on average has less alcohol than most beverages, inexpensive wine is loaded with additives, which can help preserve flavor and punish your liver. Tannins, key elements in the makeup and flavor of wines can also have adverse effects if the wine comes from an over-producing winery that includes stem and seed tannins.

1) Sugary Drinks – This final nod is meant to encapsulate every sugar-drenched, fruity cocktail getting served these days. Whether it’s blended, shake, or over ice, a drink with mounds of sugar will end the fun early, and continue the misery when the all that blissful inebriation has subsided.

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