501Good old denim, sometimes it’s a guy’s best fashion friend.  Beyond your favorite pair of Jean’s, denim is everywhere, and despite Arctic temps, there are still ways to wear and layer this staple. But please, you must take heed, when wearing denim accessories, don’t wear them with jeans.  You don’t want to rock a Jersey Tuxedo, ever.  Keep the all-over denim look where it belongs, tucked forever in the 80s.  Mix and match denim accessories with corduroy trousers, tweed blazers and under a leather jacket.  Layering is crucial to cold dressing, and denim adds a rugged, all-American touch to tactile fabrics and knits.


Besides jeans, the denim jacket is the most loved of all denim wear.  A great denim jacket layered over a collared shirt and sweater adds a little warmth and relaxed style to casual dressing.  Avoid super light and washed out denim, faded denim looks are best in spring and summer (that goes for your jeans, too).  Instead, opt for this slightly distressed, highly tailored, denim jacket from J Brand.  For a more dramatic spin on denim, go for an over dyed, deep black denim jacket like this one from Hudson.  Black denim pairs really nicely with your red plaid shirts and with hot-right-now grey pants.  For a younger look, try a casual, mixed-material jacket like this one from H&M, that’s a hoodie/jean jacket combo.


The denim vest is a fun, but tricky, accessory.  Worn on its own over a long sleeve shirt or Henley it can read a little young, and hey, if you are a little young, then go for it.  However, if you’re not a little young or a male model, use the denim vest as a layer, it can add just the right amount of rugged pop to a your bundled look.  Wear this distressed Levi’s Trucker Vest over a dark sweater or hoodie, and top it off with a navy bomber or leather jacket. The denim adds a nice contrast to all the Fall fabrics and gives you a rebel vibe.  For a warmer option, try a denim puffer vest over a sweater or your blazer and tie, this patchwork option from Ralph Lauren adds a little warmth without restricting your arms under all those layers.


Today’s denim shirt is cut a little slimmer and shorter than its predecessors, and looks better in heavier, unwashed selvedge and rigid denims.  Avoid lightweight, loosely fitting chambray denim or you’ll look like a refugee from the 90s.  Diesel gets the denim shirt right in this over dyed, indigo denim, snap button shirt.  With its slim styling, no embellishments or kooky washes, it’s just a straightforward denim shirt that will look great on its own, or under a sweater, with khakis.  Billy Reid’s Denim Workshirt may be the last word in denim shirts.  A little shorter than most, tailored to perfection, and designed to be worn untucked, this will be your go-to shirt for the weekends.


For the true denim lover, there’s even denim to be had in footwear.  The denim loving, twin designers Dean and Dan at DSquared use denim in just about everything, and now they’ve done it in shoes, to great effect.  The denim is really just an accent in their traditional-with-a-twist brogues and show stopping boots, but wow, what an accent!  Wear these with everything, including your favorite pair of jeans.