watchIt’s 2013, we all have clocks on our phones, right? Every computer screen we sit down to has the time for our convenience. So why own a watch? Because some are just that cool. But the pitfalls when looking for just the right watch are numerous. So here’s some helpful hints when looking to find the time.

1. Keep It Simple – Whether you’re looking to spend fifty bucks or three grand, a classy watch has a simple, sleek look about it. A gaudy, clunky watch just says you really, really need some attention.

2. Waterproof? – Listen, if you’re going to spend hundreds on a watch that you can take scuba diving, snowboarding and rock climbing, so be it. But if you’re not into extreme sports, why buy a bulky, militaristic looking timepiece? Unless you’re a survivalist, get a watch with some panache, not a compass.

3. Don’t Do Digital – I loved the ’90s, you loved the ’90s. It was a glorious time of acid-washed jeans and neon shades. But why don’t we leave the past right where it belongs? A digital watch is prepubescent. The big hand, the little hand and the ticker were cool long before digital and they are still the standard.

4. The Trouble with Two-Tone – If you like silver, fine. If you like gold, even better. But for the love of Father Time, don’t do two-toned. The combination is an eyesore at best. Perhaps even a leather or Velcro band will work, just as long as it’s not a clunky metal amalgam.

5. Keep the Bling to a Minimum – Under no circumstances do we condone jewel-encrusted watches. It’s a desperate look. Save your money. However, if you have to get the shiny rocks, choose a simple unimposing design. Perhaps something on the face of the watch, or a nice configuration along the piece’s edge. We tend to believe functionality trumps style, but sometimes you just gotta get the look.