Fashion photo of young handsome man with suitcases in park. Autumn. Men wearing coat and scarf. Sunny day.

For many men, summer is a time to forget about how good your clothes look. Instead, you resort to easy, comfortable, and cool clothing that’s more about trying to not look like a wet, sweaty mess than a fashion-forward dude. So while many lament the passing of the seasons from the warmth of summer to the chill of winter, it’s time to put away those board shorts, say goodbye to the flip-flops and tank tops, and bid a fond farewell to your bronzed, sun-kissed complexion. It’s time to start covering up your hard-earned beach bod – or your equally hard-earned dad bod – and flex a different muscle: your fashion brain. We’re here to help you with some on-point and evergreen trends that will have you looking sharp and sexy without the need to flash your flesh. At least not in public, anyway.

Monochrome Neutrals

It is easy for a man to look boring in head-to-toe neutral. However, if done right, a man can look downright perfect in a simple black and grey ensemble. The runways of fashion festivals across the globe have been inundated with this trend this past year, but what makes it such a lasting trend for winter is how it can be shaped and molded to fit any man’s individual style.

You don’t need to own all that many pieces, either. A few standards in different shades of grey and charcoal that you can mix and match should do the trick. Plus, many of these items never truly go out of style so if you pick one coat wisely (see below) and choose a couple of distinctive fine-knit sweaters, a turtleneck, and a couple pairs of business pants, you’ll be set for this winter as well as potential future seasons and trips overseas. Pair these items with one slight hint of color for a simple, but eye-catching dash of personality – a funky patterned sock, perhaps, or a cheeky cuff or exotic scarf — and you’ll elevate your look to fashionable and personable.

Three-Quarter Length Overcoat

Look, you should ditch the oversized ski-jacket that looks like you just wrapped a comforter around yourself and walked out the door. Nobody needs to look like George Costanza in his Gore-Tex, and constantly worrying you’re going to knock over that display of bottles on your way to a dinner party isn’t any way to live.

Instead, invest in a stylish woolen overcoat that will keep you warm, and yet is also appropriate to wear over a suit for work or a function. Optimum length is just below the knee and these days they can be found in a variety of styles that will optimize your masculinity and keep you nice and toasty warm when out in the bitter cold. If straight black isn’t your scene, then try tweed or something like this irresistible Billy Reid striped overcoat that is suitable for anyone, but also stylish and will remain a staple of your wardrobe for years to come.

Cover The Neck

Yes, turtlenecks are back. They never really went away, but now they are making a comeback as less Wiggle and more James Bond. That N.Peal design sported by Daniel Craig on the poster for upcoming Bond film Spectre thrust the trusty turtleneck back into the minds of fashion watchers. It’s a 70% cashmere and 30% silk design that any man should want to have in their wardrobe. Of course, you needn’t pony up the $300 to buy one of those to look that stylish.

Of course, just like any piece of fashion, it’s what you do with it that makes it work and this season you can pair a thick-knitted turtleneck with jeans and boots for a more rugged look, or pair a slick design with crisp pants and business shoes to keep it classic. If you’re keen to keep your neck warm and also show off your coolest tees, nothing is stopping you from layering a vintage tee over the top which will afford you a certain unique edge.


It’s Mid-West functionality blended with city chicness. Alongside your more formal overcoats we discussed earlier, you would be wise to invest in one of these shorter and more casual (yet just as warm) jackets. They’re ideal for a night at your local bar shooting pool and drinking beers, or shielding yourself from the cold on your walk from the subway to the cinema. It’s a look inspired by the 1970s (see below) and has a real earthiness to it that is so desirable to the modern man.

This coat by J.W. Anderson is pretty fashionable, not too hipster, masculine enough to not look foolish and also wonderfully warm. And while I am not recommending you spend $1400 (!) on this particular design, there is no hiding the fact that most men would look instantly more attractive wearing something of this kind. I think we can all agree that there’s no better way in winter to get somebody’s hands inside your jacket than wearing one lined with wool.

The Neo-Seventies

Undeniably one of the biggest themes of the runways for this season was this ‘70s-inspired twist on men’s fashion. These are clothes with a collection of influences including the rebellious rock and punk scenes (an aesthetic that has been embraced by classic band tee manufacturers for many years) and specific style lines of the era including wide, both flared-leg pants, flyaway collars, as well as a modern take on the era’s distinctive brown and beige coloring.

You may have already seen these fashion themes peak through over summer with striped and zig-zag patterned, orange-and-brown button down shirts with wider lapels evoking the suburban looks of our fathers popping up in pubs and bars. As we move into winter, these looks will continue to be embraced, with more attention paid to the psychedelic era and a likely continued boom in knitted sweaters (Christmas sweaters included). Maybe don’t go so far as to buy a tie-dyed neckerchief, but a flared-leg corduroy pants hasn’t been more fashionable. Luckily, shearling coats and turtlenecks fit easily into this concept. When combined, you’ll look masculine and hip — like you just came from a concert headlined by Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan.