menshopFor some guys, okay, most guys, shopping for clothes isn’t on the top of their Fun Things To Do list.  For whatever reason, whether not knowing how to fit oneself properly, an unwillingness to be adventurous with new styles, or simply a lack of time/interest, shopping just isn’t a top priority.  However, for these same guys, it IS a priority to look professional and put together at all times.  It’s a conundrum once only solved by employing department store personal shoppers, the secret of the well-dressed executive in the pre-internet days.  Of course, the personal shopper option does still exist, but for the guy who recognizes the need to appear professional, current, and put together at all times, but lacks the desire to make it happen spending countless hours in department stores and specialty shops, there’s the internet.  Destination retail sites specializing in curated sales, and those that offer personal style services, are the outsourcing dream of busy executives.  Here’s two of the best curated shopping sites, and deluxe options that send specially chosen items to your doorstep to try on before buying.

Gilt is the best for designer duds on sale.  The way it works is, you sign up to be a member and then you receive daily emails announcing that day’s sales.  If you’re a big fan of Brooks Brothers’ Black Fleece, sign in during Gilt’s BB sale and shop the discounted looks.  But you have to act fast, the sales are timed and limited quantities.  If you miss something, it’s probably already sold out.  In addition to targeted designer sales, Gilt categorizes their ongoing sales.  A quick check of the offerings for today revealed a collection of Bomber Jackets and Sunglasses, all in one easy to shop location.  Trend Watch: Blue offered up all their watches in blue, including a particularly nice Invicta watch discounted from $795 to $220.  Gilt does all the hard work of finding all the great deals for you, all you have to do is click.

RueLaLa is also a sign up service featuring curated, designer sales, shop-the-looks sections, and email announcements of limited time only sales, only it’s a whole lot more extensive.  Covering everything from home goods, to kids clothes, and gifts, RueLaLa purports to have everything you need, at discounted prices, and they pretty much do.  You can book a discounted hotel room in Boston, buy Benjamin Moore paint, and Christmas shop for your Mom all in one sitting.  Like Gilt, you can shop by designer sale, or check out special sections like The Cashmere Shop.  A handy timer at the top of the sale tells you how much time you have left to make your choices, and they tell you if they only have one of a particular item.  For convenience and selection, RueLaLa can’t be beat.

If online shopping is even more than you can bear, then Trunk Club is your answer.  Sign on to the service, answer a few questions about your style and lifestyle, and your personal Trunk Club stylist gets to work picking out clothes in your size. Your carefully selected options arrive a few days later for you to try on BEFORE buying. You only pay for what you keep, ship the rest back for free.  Once a month your selections arrive with no obligation to buy anything, and you can cancel at any time.  No muss, no fuss, no driving to the mall, just a box full of clothes you’ll love with none of shopping’s hassles.

Buck Mason boasts a completely made in America selection of essentials to build your wardrobe.  Handsome basics like a perfect Henley, Tshirts by Jungmaven, and Selvedge jeans by Jacob Davis, made from denim loomed on a classic 1940’s loom in North Carolina.  Buck Mason also offers an at-home, 5-day try on period.  Opt for their Dylan Package and receive a selection of all their best offerings, take 5 days to decide, pay for what you want to keep, and ship the rest back for free.  Although, with essentials this finely crafted, you probably won’t be utilizing the Free shipping.