Denim and America go together like, well… denim jeans and a variety of shirts and jackets. It’s a sturdy fabric that seems to have weathered the rise and fall of all kinds of ephemeral fads.

Sure, the stonewashed era might be behind us now (thank Zeus), but a cool denim jacket, or a killer pair of Levis can still be pretty darn hip, no matter where you happen to reside (Paris or Jakarta). Jeans, jackets, bags and hats are just some of the items you can choose to purchase in denim, if so moved. For the true denim lovers out there, here’s an ideas list for a few nifty denim selections that should help quench your desire for all things denim in days and years to come.

Denim Jeans
Levis, Wrangler, whatever. Denim jeans can be extremely casual, or even a bit fancier if you decide to go with dressier jeans for a more business-casual look. Jeans are the workhorse and chameleons (two animal metaphors for you there) of the fashion industry. Your plumber might be wearing a pair of them right now, as will a fashion model strutting her stuff down a catwalk in New York, Paris or Milan.

Denim Shoes
Yep, you can wear shoes made out of denim too. Levis has come up with the “reused jean shoes concept.” This is a great idea, because it not only looks cool, but it also contributes to our shared notion of recycling, which in turn leads to a better environment. The basic idea here is simple: make shoes out of recycled Levis, rather than throwing those old jeans away.

Denim Shirts
Denim shirts are great. Sturdy and simple, they can keep you warm, and depending on the cut, incredibly chic-looking at the same time. From rodeos to Rodeo Drive, the right denim shirt chosen for the right occasion will let people now you’re laidback, yet still up to speed as far as style is concerned. With brands like Lee, Levis, G-Star, Polo Ralph Lauren, Stussy and a heck of a lot more producing their own distinctive versions of this classic, you’re bound to find a denim shirt that fits your particular tastes.

Denim Caps and Hats
Denim on your head? Why not? It’s a tough material, although we’re not sure you’d want a denim cap on during a bout of rain. The trick here is to stick with tasteful, while avoiding cheesy or tacky. A denim bucket hat in a darker shade of blue could be one way to go. Of course, depending on where you live, a denim cap with a tractor on it might be what’s en vogue as well — although I doubt people would probably describe your tractor hat with words like “en vogue.” “Bitch’n” seems more likely…

Denim Bags, Backpacks and Wallets
From tote bags to wallets, why not let durable denim rule the day as far as you accessories are concerned? If you play your cards right, you just might become a walking wall of denim goodness. Denim bags, like the one made by Rough Enough, are great for kids heading off to school, because they can handle all kinds of abuse.

Denim totes, made from recycled jeans, are perfect for lugging home groceries from the local food market (denim is unlikely to rip, unlike plastic, paper and some types of cloth). And a denim wallet should fit right in, all snug with your denim jeans.

Denim Jackets
Denim jackets might not be as fancy as the legendary “Canadian denim tuxedo,” made famous by singer Bing Crosby (who was denied entrance to a Canadian hotel because he was decked out in denim), but a rugged denim jacket can still be a great choice for an American — or a European — who wants to pull off that American “cowboy” look.

Denim jackets have been around for a very long time, and come in a variety of styles. Black, blue, tan, with a fury collar or without, trim or loose-fitting, made for work or for New York fashion week… all of these options are yours when it comes to denim jackets.

If you want to go the more colorful route, how about a Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Denim Jacket with sea creatures printed all over it? The point here is that you can be as conservative or wild as your heart desires when it comes to denim jackets — or all things denim, for that matter. Long live the American classic. Denim.

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