Live in a rainy place? If you do, and you’re an aficionado of style and the overall concept of presenting yourself as a smartly-dressed man (or a chic woman, if that happens to be the case), read on.

Stylish umbrellas capable of withstanding everything from light drizzles to torrential downpours, not to mention all manner of umbrella-contorting gusts can also make for some wonderful fashion accessories. If your umbrella is going to be getting a lot of use, why not go for one with a bit a panache or polished grace?

Here are some killer umbrellas that will have people turning their heads in order to do a double take, regardless of the rain leaking down into their eyes. Looking good while being sheltered from a relentless soaking from the heavens? Welcome to a new level of style.

Alexander McQueen

Want a stylish cover to keep you dry, but makes you look badass at the same time? Search no further than Alexander McQueen’s skull-handled umbrellas. While these babies come in at over half a grand, if you do hand over the green, your brass hardware, skull, canvass and silver finish will certainly become the talk of the town.

Archer Adams

Staying within the ream of animalist chic, Archer Adams offers up a range of sleek looking umbrellas with notably characteristic handles. You can choose from skulls, of course, as well as alligators, crocodiles, lions, owls and venomous (not real venom) snakes. Prices fall in between the 200 to 400 dollar range. Great for cats (people) who love cats (animals) and other statuesque critters.


Aspinal of London’s automatic umbrella offers up a bit of utilitarian elegance, with some classic British charm. If snakes and skulls don’t fit your wardrobe tendencies, why not take one of these elegant rain shelters out for a spin? By doing so, you’ll be telling the world that you’re a man of taste, as well as someone who appreciates fine, handcrafted goods.


If the United Kingdom isn’t to your liking as far as umbrellas are concerned, fear not, for Barneys New York, situated right here in the Good Ol’ USA, has your rain gear needs covered. You can choose from an assortment of modish umbrellas coming in all kinds of designs and colors, some costing as little as 50 smackeroos. From various versions of classic black to orange and brown stripes, Barneys doesn’t skimp on selection, or quality.

Briatore and Galasso

OK, to be fair, this one is just a really expensive novelty item. If you’re after dark, high-end water resistant crocodile skin, you might be in luck. In luck, that is, if the Billionaire Couture shop in London still has some of these “crocodiles” in stock. All you have to do is part with a whopping $50,000 per umbrella. Sure, we all have that kind of cash lying around, right?

Brigg Umbrellas

Back to the UK, where folks really do know their rain. Swaine Adeney Brigg is a famous name in the umbrella world. One of their sophisticated men’s umbrellas should do the trick, and let everyone in your milieu know that you’ve arrived — fashionably speaking, of course. With a heaping helping of class, and a wide selection of wooden handles, ranging from hickory and cherry to maple and oak, you’ll be set to impress with a Brigg umbrella.

Fox Umbrellas

More beautiful British umbrella craftsmanship here, which has been around since 1868, meaning Queen Victoria could very well have used a Fox umbrella. What you get with Fox is a long tradition in umbrella making, imbued with aristocratic refinement. Definitely a smart choice for the gentleman’s gentleman.


If you want a big umbrella made to last, with an excellent pedigree, look no further than Ghurka Umbrellas. Lading in the $300 – $500 ballpark, these umbrellas combine striking designs with durability and grace. You can find shops in New York, as well as San Francisco. If you can’t make it to either city anytime soon, fret not, as Ghurka ships worldwide.

Il Marchesato

And now let’s take a look at some Italian craftsmanship. Il Marchesato specializes in gorgeous handmade umbrellas that actually sell for a very reasonable price. Color, patterns and size vary, which makes these boutique umbrellas perfect for people who demand a lot of choices. Buy your selections online and have them sent to you in order to protect you from the rain, and to give you the right to boast about your “handcrafted Italian designer umbrella.”

Francesco Maglia

For more Italian artistry, you can head to Milan and check out Francesco Maglia’s fine work. Again, handcrafted goods rule the day. Tasteful umbrellas hovering around the $200 dollar mark will let you flaunt your pinstripes, and your spot-on sense of style. The company has been making umbrellas since 1854, so you can be pretty sure these Italianos know exactly what they’re doing.

Pasotti Ombrelli

To wrap up our Italian segment up, and umbrella list altogether, we’ll end with umbrellas made by Pasotti Ombrelli. The selection here is rather mind-boggling. You can stick with tradition umbrella designs, or else opt for cobra and monkey heads, human skulls, as well as camouflage, pinstripes and tartan patterns, not to mention a host of vibrant colors. Italian, chic, elegant and playful — Pasotti Ombrelli seems to have it all as far as umbrellas are concerned. Now all you have to do is stay dry.