americanflag-an ongoing series spotlighting companies proudly waving the Made In America flag.

Nowhere in America do we love our Jeans more than on the West Coast. Ever since Levi Strauss set up shop in San Francisco in 1873, Jeans have been synonymous with West Coast life.  In New York City people would never dream of wearing Jeans to a fancy restaurant or black tie affair, in sunny California, it seems perfectly natural.  Whatever your pleasure, dressed up, dressed down, cut-off, distressed, rolled up, embellished, or selvedge, we take our Jeans very seriously here in America.  In our latest MADE IN THE U.S.A. installment, we take a look at three American companies manufacturing their Jeans in America, two of them in California, and one in good old Nashville, because the South likes their Jeans, too.


Born in sunny Southern California in Santa Monica in 2002, Agave’s brand of “pure west coast luxury” embodies the effortless cool of Los Angeles.  Handcrafting all their denim products in California, and designing them in Portland, Agave embraces a full West Coast vibe that translates to Anywhere USA that craves a little style and structure in their denim.  Offering a full range of fits (slim, classic and relaxed) and a wide range of finishes and denim, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but we’re currently obsessed with the Nihilist in slim, straight, Japanese denim.  For a more relaxed fit, we also love the Gringo in black denim.


LA based Twenty Premium Denim Co. is probably the best-kept secret for budget conscious lovers of high quality denim. Self proclaimed “bad capitalists,” Twenty Premium offers up Jeans and outerwear and t-shirts and sweaters, all manufactured in the US, at prices so low you’ll think you’re shopping sale items, but, no, that’s the regular price.  Despite the low prices, the fit and cut are all what you’d expect from Jeans 5x the price of these.  For the bluest of the blue, we love the Polychrom in the deepest Navy we’ve ever seen.

Imogene + Willie

Uber-cool Imogene + Willie is just one more reason to love Nashville.  They bring a signature Southern upscale rustic vibe to all of their made in the USA men’s and women’s clothes and line of unique home goods, but their main love is Jeans.  Offering just a few, perfect styles of men’s jeans, in the most luxurious of denim, we love the classic fit Hank Rigid.  Visit Imogene + Willie for the jeans, but stick around for the boots, watches and sea salt soaps, too!