socksAdmittedly, sometimes cold weather clothes can be a little serious, what with all the dark greys and blacks dominating the runways of winter;  it can be a pretty bleak landscape. Don’t get too down though, as winter is also awash with brightly colored accessories that add a little zing to winter clothes begging for a pop of color.  Add a subtle jolt of personality to even the most staid of outfits with a colorful Statement Sock.

Don’t confuse the Statement Sock with the Novelty Sock– the Statement Sock isn’t the equivalent of a Christmas Sweater for your feet. Skip the Spongebobs, sports logos, and smiley faces. Add a jolt of color the right way with these, fun, bright, and suitable for the office Statement Socks that have enough personality to warm up the coldest winter day.

The folks at Happy Socks have one goal in mind, to make your feet smile.  Super affordable and millions of styles to choose from, they give you free shipping when you order four or more pairs, if you can choose only four that is.  The Faded Diamond ($12) sock has a great 70s earthy palette, the blue ZigZag ($12) would look great with jeans, and their classic Argyle ($12) in purple would pair great with a dark suit.

Cheekily named The Joy of Socks can go off the rails a bit with their wide selection of Holiday Socks, but you can probably skip over those until at least your mid 50s. Until then, revel in the joy of their multicolored, Big Sur Dot Socks ($10), or their orange and teal striped Bright Arrow Socks ($10).  Their bold and graphic Black and Bright Harvard Square Sock ($19.75) will easily get you admitted into the Harvard School of Fashion.

Well known for his adventurous use of bright colors and patterns, Paul Smith’s playful socks are coveted by fashion hounds who want to add a bit of personality and style that isn’t too over the top. Paul Smith Sock’s subtle hued Brown Faded Polka socks ($30.00)  or Black Multi Colour Block Stripe Socks ( $35) work great with suits and work clothes. For a more casual vibe on the weekends, choose their camp style Navy Rainbow Socks ($30).

J. Crew always has a great selection of socks for every season, but we suggest waiting for them to go on Sale near Christmas to snag as many as possible. Red and white striped Tipped Microstripe Socks ($14.50) give a subtle wink to the holidays. Wear the au courant Camo Socks ($14.50) with your favorite brown leather shoes and thick khakis on casual Friday. Cultish Japanese brand Chup Socks makes amazingly comfortable socks, and they’re available at J.Crew online in this amazing Fair Isle print ($34).

Urban Outfitters is another great resource for snagging a bunch of fun socks at a great price.  Their black and white USA Sock ($8) is a pop culture riff on Old Glory. Their orange and brown Skull Blanket Sock ($8) looks like a Pendleton with skulls and isn’t nearly as Halloweenie as it sounds. And finally, our personal favorite, a downright classic Bright Fair Isle Camp Sock ($12) is like a little sweater for your feet.