If your future is so bright you have to wear shades, you just might be someone who can afford a pair of killer sunglasses. When our local star is out, shinning brightly, it behooves us to shelter our eyes from its harmful solar rays. While solid UV protection is a must, many among us also choose our shaded spectacles for their “cool” factor. It doesn’t matter if you’re climbing a mountain or simply strolling down the pavement window-browsing. The sunglasses you don say a lot about the man you happen to be.

If you really want to impress the fashion elite, you’ll have to hand over some serious green in order to meet the minimum requirements of the optically chic. Since I have no qualms about helping you throw your money away, here’s a brief list (in no particular order) of expensive sunglasses available for purchase, or at least available to fawn over — ranging from the absolutely ridiculous to something an average human being might be able to afford.

Hopefully you have plenty of extra cash to spend on these bad boys — otherwise, if you’re a truly dedicated fashion slave, you might have to land a second job in order to pay for your frames and lenses.

Gold and Wood 253 Diamond Glasses

If you, or your friends, would like to wear some very posh Parisian eyewear simply in order to block out the sun … wait, who are we kidding here? With a price tag hovering around $50,000 (more moolah for more diamonds), the only reason you’d invest in a pair of Gold and Wood 253 Diamond Glasses is to show the world how bloody rich you are — and the fact that have you have an insatiable craving for princess-cut diamonds.

Luxuriator Canary Diamond Glasses

I’m sensing a theme here. If you want to up the value of your sunglasses, go for diamonds. That was true for the last entry, and it’s definitely true for the Luxuriator Canary Diamond Glasses. Coming in at around $65,000, these specs offer the discerning diamond-encrusted-sunglasses connoisseur a pair of shades set with pave diamonds, as well as a frame plated with 18k karat gold. Just make sure you don’t slip these puppies on when you’re out in a bad neighborhood.

Bulgari Le Gemme

Coming down in price a wee bit are the Bulgari (often spelled “BVLGARI”) Le Gemme glasses. Made by an Italian jewelry house that has been in business since the 1880s, you’ll be paying for the famous name, the fascinating history of the company (protecting Jews during WWII) and of course the valuable bling built into the glasses. Depending on the exact model you choose, expect to hand over at least a couple of thousand dollars (maybe secondhand) — and most likely a hell of a lot more — for a pair of Le Gemmes.

Bentley Platinum

Just like the car, these sunglasses aren’t cheap. These aviator specs, produced by the Austrian eyewear company Estede, will run you in the ballpark of 10 to 40 grand, depending if you go with the platinum option, or else opt for 18-carat gold or silver palladium. Hey, no one ever said looking good could be had for bargain basement prices.

Chopard Jewel Sunglasses

First off, let me tell you that these glasses come with 51 full-cut River diamonds. It’s those damn diamonds again — not to mention lots of 24-carat gold. I just wanted to let you know that before I drop the $400k price tag. Yes, you read that right, a thousand dollars, 400 times over. The good news is these sun-specs aren’t actually for sale to the general public (like the public could afford them anyway), which means you don’t have save for them. Really, get these shades out of your head right now. How easily you’re led astray…

Maybach The Diplomat I

Titanium frames that come with a gold, palladium or ruthenium finish that look cool and also happen to be one of the more reasonably prices glasses on this list? Sign me up. You can get your paws on a pair of Maybach’s The Diplomat I shades for around $2,000. Not bad for a bit of topnotch German optical tech.

Santos de Cartier Sunglasses

While the Santos de Cartier sunglasses come in various styles and prices, the one thing you can be sure of when it comes to eyewear by Cartier is that you won’t be making a “thrifty” purchase.  Of course, plenty of gold will be a part of the package. Surprisingly, though, these sunshades offer a modern and sleek-looking design. The money (a thousand dollars or more) spent here doesn’t go into glittering jewels and other precious things. That fact might make these glasses harder to notice from afar, which could save you from a possible mugging.

Persol Steve McQueen Edition Sunglasses

The Persol Steve McQueen sunglasses are by no means the most expensive shades detailed here. That being said, they come with a very chic name. Made famous by Mr. McQueen on the set of The Thomas Crown Affair, these glasses have had a very long history with “cool.” Why not grab a pair of these iconic eyeshields, which shouldn’t cost more than $400, and join the ranks of the uber-cool? At last, something the masses can wear in order to pretend that we number among the elite.