Businessman in classic vest against row of suits in shop

While the vest might not necessarily “make the man,” it can certainly say something about the style and substance of any guy’s wardrobe. The right vest or waistcoat, worn in the right manner, lets the world know: “Hey, I’m the kind of fellow who isn’t afraid to wear a vest” — or it might simply stand as a testament to your good fashion sense. Inner vests, outer vests, vests that go with suits, and vests that look great on their own — what we’re saying here is that we’ve got plenty of vest coverage in this short, yet informative list. And when we say “on their own,” you should still probably wear a tee under your vest, at the very least. We’re trying to help you spruce up your look, like a proper “Weekly Gravy” kind of guy — not an extra in a Magic Mike movie, regardless of what the status of your six-pack (or “one-pack,” let’s be real) abs may or may not be.

Patagonia Men’s Bivy Down Vest

Get rid of that chill with the very smart and exceedingly practical Patagonia Men’s Bivy Down Vest. Constructed with sturdy nylon canvas layered in durable water repellent, this eco-friendly (from fowl that was never live-plucked, or fed through tubes) duck down vest will help you battle the wind and cold. It’ll also keep your fingers toasty with hand-warming pockets (lined with brushed polyester), while still ensuring you look damn good with the vest’s killer “smolder blue” design.

 ISAIA Button-Front Vest

The ISAIA Button-Front Vest is a choice piece of clothing for the debonair gentleman living inside all (well, most) of us. This selection, available from Barneys New York, is a comfortable but chic navy cashmere-silk vest that can be paired with a button shirt, slacks, or even a pair of dark jeans or corduroys. While it’ll cost you a pretty penny ($850), it’s the perfect Italian-made garment for someone who straddles the world between hipster and a knowledgeable consumer of great clothing.

Lands’ End Men’s PrimaLoft Packable Vest

Back to combating the elements here with Lands’ End Men’s PrimaLoft Packable Vest. Yep, this baby is packable, which is great for seasons when the temperatures shift between warm and chilly in a manner of minutes, and you have to constantly peel off or put on extra layers. And it’s also from Lands’ End, meaning you’ll get a water-repellent shell, great insulation, plus dependable, breathable fabric. Simply pack the vest down into a zip pocket when not in use, and then pull it out when you need a little extra protection from the mercurial weather gods.

T.M. Lewin Dalton Waistcoat

Leaving outdoor vests for the moment for something more elegant, built to be worn inside, let’s take a look at the very spiffy T.M. Lewin Dalton Waistcoat. While you’ll have to be very sure of your exact measurements with a tailored waistcoat (especially if ordering online), this iconic clothing accessory should bring a lot of class to your vest and overall dressing game. Charcoal sharkskin in color (what a great name), you can match it with trousers and a jacket for a three-piece suit, or else wear it without a jacket and tie, and go for a more kicked-back, fashionably-commanding style.

Singer + Sargent Reversible Vest

The Singer + Sargent Reversible Vest is — as the name would suggest — reversible. So in essence here, you’re getting two vests for the price of one. Sold by Nordstrom, this rugged outer covering, with its reversible button-front, lets you alternate “between channel-quilted suede and diamond-stitched polyester,” which is both inventive and sensible from a fashion standpoint. All of those smart choices you can combine with leather and polyester vests are now at your fingertips. Simply turn the vest inside out if not happy with a certain look, and try another one on.