sprinter2If your gym gear consists of an old t-shirt and cut off sweats, stylistically you’re not doing yourself any favors.   As far as your workout goes, you’re also not doing yourself any favors.  Heavy cotton clothes absorb sweat, weigh you down, and trap body odor.  Not a good look, guys.  Workout smarter and stronger in performance enhancing fabrics and undergear that keep you cool until you hit the showers.


For serious gym workouts, try a short sleeve training shirt, like these from Nike and Adidas.  Nike utilizes proprietary Dri-Fit fabric, Adidas uses Climalite fabric, either way, they are feather light, wick away moisture, and won’t weigh you down.  For cooler weather outdoor workouts, go with Nike’s long sleeve option on its own, or as a base layer under a performance fleece hoodie for winter runs.

After your workout, slide on the Dispatch Hoodie from Lululemon, serious gear with a silly name.  Lululemon got its start as a yoga wear company, if yoga’s your thing, Lululemon’s Precision Singlet, with “anti-stink” technology and roomy armholes, amps up your chatarunga (kind of like a burpie).


When you’re working out hard, the last thing you need is extra weight holding you back, time to ditch the extra long basketball shorts and go with a lightweight, moisture wicking fabric, with mesh vents to keep the boys cool and sweat free, try these 9” inseam mesh shorts from New Balance, or Adidas slightly longer Ultimate Swat ShortsLululemon’s Anti-Gravity Short, designed for yoga, not only wicks away moisture with its breathable, cotton-like Luon fabric, but has a special panel between the legs to protect “special cargo” from seams.


For serious training, the pros recommend wearing super tight compression gear under your shirts and shorts to raise your body temperature during warm ups and hold your core in tight.  Nike has either short or long pant options.  Adidas has cool compression tops in short sleeves and long sleeves. Don’t forget your feet, nothing sweats more during a workout than your feet, New Balance’s CoolMax no-show socks keep your feet dry, and odor under control.