steakFew meals can compete with a juicy steak. Summer. Winter. Fall. Anytime is a good time to feast on the perfect cut of beef. In an effort to keep the good times rolling, here are a few simple and excellent ways to prepare, cook and serve steak that are destined for your dinner plate.
1. Mustard Beef Tenderloin – Few think of steak when cooking with mustard, but this dish is flavorful and simple to prepare. By combining a good Dijon with pineapple juice, you can reinvent the tenderloin and knock the socks off your guests.
By Derrick Riches
2.  Italian Dressing Marinated Steaks – When describing the perfect marinade words like hickory and teriyaki jump to mind. But how about Italian dressing? Well this one will pleasantly surprise you. A good Italian dressing is packed with flavor and is an effective tenderizer. Delicious and likely already in your refrigerator? Success!
By Derrick Riches
3. Asian Flank Steak Marinade – The combination of soy sauce and honey is heart of this marinade and it is bound to keep everyone coming back for more. It’s a traditional flank steak preparation with some serious Asian zing. It’s going to be hard to go back to your old marinade after trying this.
By Kelly Senyei