If you’re a fan of gut-rot wine, you can stop reading right now. For those of you who happen to be the sort of people who appreciate great beer, a strong spirit or a fine wine, please read on.

There are a lot of expensive bottles of booze on Earth for the true alcohol aficionado out there to indulge in. Even so, there happens to be a rarefied group of people (rarefied = crazy rich) who have both the funds, and the inclination to invest in some insanely expensive wine, whiskey and beer.

The world’s elite will go to great lengths — and spend loads of green — in order to be able to brag about how their specific bottle of cognac is encrusted with diamonds, or whenever the whim strikes them, they can take a sip of 100-year-old alcohol that costs more than a Malibu beach house. These bottles are investments and trophy pieces, to be locked away when your drunken uncle stumbles by and pays you and your liquor cabinet a visit.

1. Ley .925 Mexican Tequila


This Mexican tequila comes in a gold and platinum casing, and can sell for as much as $225,000 a bottle. It’s limited, engraved, costly and only for the true tequila devotee. You’ve got to really adore your liquor to shell out that kind of green. Just remember to sip it slowly, and savor every precious drop of this “liquid gold.”