razorShaving is a pain in the face. If I didn’t have to do it to look vaguely professional (and if my face didn’t itch after I go a week without) I’d probably eschew it altogether. As it stands, however, I have to shave every other day or so.

This means I go through disposable razors and/or replacement blades fairly often.

And the expense is also a pain in the face. For years, shavers have been captive consumers. You could either fork out an absurd chunk of change for quality razors, or pay a more reasonable price for razors that would leave you still vaguely scruffy and with annoying and uncomfortable razor burn. Or adorned with those little flakes of toilet paper used to blot up the blood dripping from cuts on your face.

Enter Harry’s, a new online shaving label that combines affordable prices with quality razors and other shaving supplies. The razors are made through a partnership between Warby Parker, the vintage-looking, affordable prescription eyewear company, and a 90-year-old German blade manufacturer. (After 90 years making blades, a group probably knows exactly what it’s doing.) The brand’s slogan, “An exceptional shave at a fraction of the price,” is actually true. At $2 a blade cartridge or less, you can acquire Harry’s blades for about half what your run-of-the-mill cartridge currently costs.

Visit Harry’s online store to choose the individual products or package that best suits your shaving needs. You can buy a blade for between $10 and $20, cartridges for $2 or less, and a tube of Harry’s shave cream for $8. Or, you can purchase a package that includes a razor, two additional blades, and cream for $15 and up.

Harry’s has even recently released a seasonal collection that includes four autumnal color options to help enhance your fall fever.

Worried you’ll be unintentionally negligent when it comes to reordering blade cartridges and shaving cream from an online retailer? Sign up for Harry’s auto-refill service. They’ll schedule times to send you product refills, based on your needs and how often you shave.