chocolatepileWhite chocolate totally gets a bad rap and it is completely unfounded. Is it as good as milk chocolate? No. Is it as good as dark chocolate? Absolutely not. But that doesn’t mean consuming an entire bag of white chocolate bark isn’t any less enjoyable. Trust me, I know that from experience. It’s still awesome.

People just love bagging on white chocolate. Like serious bagging. Like the kind of bagging you would normally save for legitimate garbage like Red Lobster or Nickelback. They rant about white chocolate like it slapped their mama and had sex with their sister. Why? I just don’t see it. White chocolate is damn tasty. At the very, very least it is inoffensive.  So why the hating?

White chocolate is a perfectly acceptable sweet. Is it my go to? No, it’s not. But that certainly doesn’t mean I’m going to scream bloody murder if I’m offered some. It tastes good, I like eating it and it satisfies any chocolate craving I might have. *

(*Have you ever eaten white chocolate, felt that it wasn’t satisfying your craving and that you just HAD to go eat some regular chocolate immediately? No you haven’t. Proof right there that white chocolate is doing its job.)

What I hear most from people who bitch about white chocolate is this: “Well…it’s not REAL chocolate.”

But white Chocolate IS chocolate. It is made from the cocoa bean just like brown “regular” chocolate. The only difference being is that white chocolate is made from only cocoa butter and regular chocolate is made from cocoa solids as well as cocoa butter. The controversy is that the US Food and Drug Administration says that for something to be determined actual chocolate it has to have both therefore white chocolate is not regulated by them so you can pretty much make it any way you want. To which I say – good. Screw the USDA. They don’t know jack. They label French fries and pizza sauce as veggies but they can’t label white chocolate as “real” chocolate? Well, I’m labeling it that way. White chocolate is real chocolate.

White chocolate has been known to enhance many a dessert whether it be a cookie, cupcake or parfait. And how many times have you seen white chocolate shavings on a fancy cake? A lot, right? That’s because white chocolate has class. So maybe you should show a little and give white chocolate its due.

(And I know the above is more an example of white chocolate being an accent rather than  the main component. So what? Rob Lowe is not the lead in “Parks and Recreation” but he is hysterical on the show and I’m glad he’s a part of it. Plus he’s a ridiculously good-looking man. Yeah, I said it.)

See, white chocolate is not trying to be better than milk or dark chocolate. White chocolate knows who it is. It’s not trying to be something it’s not.  Appreciate it for what it is: A chocolate (again, it is a chocolate) that is completely comfortable with what it is, how it is used and how it tastes. It’s as if white chocolate’s saying, “Let me do me.”

So for you haters who enjoy hating on the chocolate that is white, go hate on something else.

Like butterscotch. That crap sucks.