bartenderNavigating the world of bars, lounges, pubs and clubs can be tricky, particularly when dealing with a bartender. You want to be fun and engaging but at the same time you don’t want to be annoying. And though bartenders don’t rule the world, they do rule whether you can enjoy getting your drink on or not. So to help, Weekly Gravy talked to some of the top Los Angeles cocktail creators in the hottest spots in the city to find out what not to say to a bartender. We’re not saying, “don’t be yourself.” We’re just saying, “don’t be that guy.”

* Cari Hah from Cole’s Red Car Bar:

1)”Make it extra strong.”

2) “It’s my birthday. Do I get a free shot?”

* Kristina Howald from Bestia:

1) “Are you a bartender or mixologist?”

2) “Can you make me something special?”

* Vanessa Kemling from Bigfoot West:

1) “What’s your cheapest vodka?”

2) “Hey, you!”

3) “ Yo!”

*Mike Anderson from Plate 38:

1) “I don’t want anything sweet or girly.”

2) “Can you stuff these olives with bleu cheese?”

3) “What’s going to get me the most drunk?”

4) “What’s the strongest drink you have?”

5) “Can I have a Bloody Mary?” (After 2pm.)

6) “Can I have a Long Island Iced Tea?” (Ever.)

7) “What kind of martinis do you have?”

8) “Can I have a side of cherries?”

* Laura Ann Masura from El Cid:

1) “I’d like a skinny margarita.”

2) “Can you split the tab six ways?”

3) “So, what else do you do?”

4) “Is this gluten free?”

5) “What’s your driest wine?”

6) “Hook me up.”

7) “Just make me something.”

8) “Tell me what beers you have.” (When surrounded by menus that display all of the beer.)