With each new year come lots of great new gadgets, and 2016 is no exception. Here is the only list you need to guide you through the pre-order goodies out later on this year – and yes, there is finally a real-life version of a Back To the Future favorite.

The Here Active Listening Headphones

What else can I say? These are the headphones you have been waiting for. What makes the Here Active Listening Headphones so f**king cool? Well, many things, but first and foremost is pinpoint sound isolation. Let’s say you are sitting at a restaurant and there’s a loudmouth two tables over. With these bad boys, you can actively mute that part of the listening environment while maintaining the rest of the ambient noise.

Not only that, but you can add noises you want, and… and you can even program the headphones to mimic the acoustic qualities of famous places, such as Carnegie Hall. Additionally, you can add trippy acoustic filters that give a psychedelic vibe to your environment or the music you are listening to. This feature will be a god-send for rave goers. A less obvious benefit: you can finally create a soundtrack to your life.

Pricing is expected to be just under $300

The Bonavarde Berlin Coffee Machine

We’ve all had that horrible experience of waking up, wondering why we don’t smell coffee in the air, then realizing its because we forgot to set the auto-brew timer the night before. Well, no more. Introducing the Bonavarde Berlin Coffee Machine. This baby does everything; it roasts, it grinds, and it brews, all within 15 minutes. Yes, you heard that right – it does everything from raw bean to fresh cup in 15 spankin’ minutes. What’s more, it connects to your phone over cellular, WiFi, iBeacon, you name it — allowing you complete control over the machine from anywhere in the world, be it in your bedroom or in Buckingham Palace. Also, the machine uses RFID technology, which ensures that each bean gets the perfect roast each time. It works by providing a scanning code on each pouch, which you scan with your phone, and this sends the roasting profile (which the grower has provided) to your machine to properly roast each bean.

For added flavor, the machine uses what’s called a “rain shower brewing method.” I don’t know what that means, but it sounds important. How I ever enjoyed a cup of coffee before using a machine employing such a method, I don’t know. But I shall no longer. The unit includes a 1.2 liter water tank, and filters the water through a high efficient HEPA filter.

Pre-order yours for $399 and expect it to be delivered this summer.

The Sensorwake

This list’s most needless (but still badass) item is the Sensorwake Alarm Clock. Don’t spend another morning waking up to the ugly sound of that iPhone alert sound. Sure, when you first set it two years ago, you thought: “That’s relaxing,” but don’t pretend like you haven’t come to hate it anytime you hear it as someone else’s ringer.

While we are at it (replacing our alarm clock, I mean), let’s get rid of using sounds all together. Let’s use scent instead. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to the smell of fresh roses? How about the smell of fresh brewed coffee (since you clearly forgot to set the timer last night, as we have already established)? Or… fresh-baked croissants, espresso, peppermint, chocolate, the sea, or a lush jungle? All options.

Here’s how it works. You buy the unit for the “pre-order only” price of $89, or the complete package, which includes the scent clock plus 3 scent packs for $124.90. The scent packs last 40 mornings each.

No word on how reliable these scents will be at waking you up, but it’s cool to say you own this thing either way, and at a cool $125, who can complain?

Pre-order yours for $124.90, and expect to receive it June of 2016

The Ween

The Ween is no ordinary thermostat. It is a step up from the very awesome NEST. For those in the know, the NEST learns your heating and cooling habits and acts accordingly, all in an effort to save you time (and let’s face it – laziness). Cool idea. How does the Ween improve on this mechanic? Well, it sort of does the opposite. It uses your smart phone to know where you are in your houseIt’s better and only heats or cools the areas you are in at the moment, so instead of learning when you’ll likely enter a room, it just f**king knows.

Pre-order yours for $379.25 (349 euros) and receive it when they are ready to give it to you… technically you’ll be notified before it is released and get the option to pay then, so no real obligation.

The Lexus Hoverboard

This cannot be preordered, but I just thought it was so cool. For any person who grew up watching the Back To the Future films, you need to watch the video in the link above. It is literally Marty McFly’s hover board from BTTF Part 2. Full disclosure: that specific hoverboard only works in the custom-built skate park featured in the video. It’s still pretty effing cool, though, in my opinion. Once they figure out how to make the technology usable everywhere, I’m sure we will get a much crappier retail version but hey, that would still be pretty rad, right?