man wearing sandals

If you enjoy footwear, especially sneakers, but hate wearing socks (just more laundry for you to deal with later, amirite?), fear not. The world is brimming over with shoes, as well as burly sandals, that you can slip on that are not Crocs. While we have nothing against Crocs (some of the finest people we know basically live in these plastic wonder-shoes), we thought we’d broaden your horizons a little with a list of sneakers and other interesting shoe options that will keep your feet nice and comfy, and hopefully not too stinky — sans socks.

TOMS Huaraches

Hurray for huaraches! If you don’t know what huaraches are, you’re missing out. These sandals and shoe hybrids, which hail from pre-Columbian Mexico, give off a laidback hanging-out-by-the-poolside kind of vibe, while being incredibly stylish and comfortable at the same time. TOMS black, hand-woven full-grain leather huaraches are made with “environment-friendly vegetable-tanned leather,” whatever that means. With the company’s “one for one” promise, for every pair you buy, they’ll give a child in need a new pair of shoes (fair warning: maybe not huaraches), as well.

Keen Uneek Flat-Cord Sandals

The Keen Uneek Flat-Cord Sandals are probably one of the most daring (design-wise) pair of Keens you’ll ever come across. These cord sandals are built with a tough 2-cord construction, which means your toes will be protected when you wear them around town. The non-marking rubber outsoles will prevent you from slipping, while the air circulating through the sandals will help keep your feet from getting too hot or sweaty. The chic design goes well with jeans, and with their versatile look, these Keens can easily transition from a nature trail to a funky coffee shop downtown.

NoSoX Wino

While the “wino” name suggests that these shoes are designed for people who drink to excess (and then lose the dexterity to tie a normal pair of shoes), the NoSoX Wino are actually perfect for men who like a stripped-down style. Coming in a variety of colors (black, taupe, and navy), these simple mesh fabric slip-on shoes with rubber soles let the breeze glide across your feet, which will cool your skin down on a hot summer’s day. They can easily be matched with a variety of casual looks, providing for many different wardrobe ensembles.

Merrell Encore Bypass

When it comes to footwear, Merrell is no joke, and the Merrell Encore Bypass is definitely no exception to this rule. While not meant for arduous treks in the mountains — unlike some of the other gear this company offers — these flexible, full-grain leather mesh walking shoes (with moisture wicking, breathable mesh linings) are great for getting around different types of terrains, from fields and parks to the cracked sidewalks of the urban jungle. And of course, in keeping with the theme of this list, no socks are required. Enjoy the comforts of the big shock-absorbing air cushion in the sole as you wander about, secure in the knowledge that Merrell literally has your feet covered.

Nike Sock Dart

The Nike Sock Dart boasts the Nike name, of course — but there few features you won’t find in many Nike products. These unisex shoes, which come in several different colors, make the need for socks a thing of the past. Anyone who purchases a pair of Sock Darts will get a very clean shoe silhouette, a “sock-like fit” with a breathable and flexible lightweight mesh upper section, plus a sturdy adjustable midfoot strap, which will keep your feet snug and secure. And did we mention that you’d never have to wear socks again if you pick a pair up? Well, assuming these will be the last and only pair of shoes you’ll ever own.