a_560x375When we think of great artists, names like Michelangelo, Warhol and Kandinsky come to mind. But what about JWoww? George W. Bush? Michael Jackson? Well these famous faces may not be known for their paintings and drawings, but they have dabbled in art. Here are some of our favorite unlikely artists.

1 – Marilyn Manson – This shock rocker has been pushing the envelope since 1996’s Antichrist Superstar made waves among teens and PTAs alike. But when the gender-bending controversial rocker has time, he likes to create with other mediums. His paintings are dark, brooding and full of social statements. Although this creative outlet isn’t getting blasted from giants speakers, it’s clear that Manson hasn’t lost an ounce of his angst or his creative edge.

2 – Sir Anthony Hopkins – This Oscar-winning actor is renowned for his ability to deliver lines in films, but he can also deliver brilliant colors and exquisite landscapes if he so chooses. In the ’90s he portrayed the Spanish icon Pablo Picasso and it seems he has taken a lesson or two from the role in his portraits and deceptively simple lines.

3 – JWoww – She may be best known as the New Jersey cohort of Snooki, but when JWoww was a student at the New York Institute of Technology, she created lots and lots of artwork. Most of the work that has surfaced are student exercises and still life pieces, but a few promising paintings are available. So, if this reality television thing doesn’t work out, she can always be a starving artist.

4 – Michael Jackson – Did you know the King of Pop had a flair for drawing? In his lifetime, he created dozens of drawings and sketches. His subjects included: Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan…and himself.

5. George W. Bush – Since ending his presidency, George W. has found a new hobby: painting. In February of 2013, a hacker named Guccifer gained access to George’s email account and released images of several of his paintings. He has works focused on animals, an examination of his toes at the far end of a bathtub, and a self-portrait in the shower. Pretty innocuous stuff from the former leader of the free world.

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