Bars. They’re terrific, right? For about an hour. Then you discover that you paid fifteen dollars for a drink so you could sit on a slippery vinyl couch and examine the Photoshopped fliers for open mic night next week. This is sheer pessimism. Bars, lounges, clubs, they’re all great. Its atmosphere and brevity. But, unfortunately, the same can be said for those you find at these places. So why do so many people sashay into a bar in their favorite slacks hoping to find their lady love?

Perhaps it’s because everyone looks great and alcohol can work wonders on the inhibitions. But finding Ms. Right among well-dressed drunk people is like finding a cute needle in a sparkly haystack. Huh? Anyway, here are five places where excellent women frolic–women you might actually wanna know.

Grocery Store – Do not underestimate the local grocery store as a place to meet attractive, healthy, well-adjusted women. Also farmer’s markets. Farmer’s markets are the Bentley of grocery store experiences. It’s a casual, pressure-free situation to meet new people and talk flax seeds. And bonus, you learn a lot about someone based on what they eat and shop for.

Seasonal Gathering – Whether it’s apple-picking or a Fourth of July gathering, a seasonal outing is an outstanding way to meet someone new . You immediately have an awkward social event to poke fun at and plenty of people take their friends to these types of gatherings, so the roster is always changing.

Book Store – Although riddled with clichés, a book store is the perfect place to new people. The atmosphere is subdued and casual. Most aren’t hurrying in or hurrying out, people just graze from shelf to shelf. It’s a sublime opportunity to approach a woman and try to strike up a conversation. Hint: If you’re struggling to think of what to say, look at the book in their hands.

Hike – Maybe it’s the pleasant trails and gorgeous views, but a hike is the perfect place to run
into someone special. On an average weekend, most popular trails are teeming with healthy outdoorsy types looking for someone to be outdoorsy with.

Gym – Looking for an excuse to workout again? Meeting a great lady is a pristine motivator. Gym’s are a hotbed of active, healthy, motivated individuals. Moreover, while waiting for a machine or standing in line for a smoothie, there’s ample time to shoot the breeze. Plus gym puns are the gift that keeps on giving.