summerdudeSummer is a magical time the year. It is akin to everyone’s 21st birthday– just on the precipice of adulthood, anything seems possible. So much so, some things we happily take for granted during the summer seem downright ridiculous any other time of the year.

1) Driving Shirtless – While cruising to the beach or around town in the heat of August, it’s not uncommon to hop in shirtless and drive. Why not? It’s hot and there’s no good reason not to. Of course, any other time of the year you look like a sun-baked lunatic douche. Leave the shirtless driving for those long summer drives, not Christmas present shopping in December.

2) Falling Asleep in Public – Taking a nap on the beach or in a park in the middle of summer is the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The rest of the year, napping is public is pretty much reserved for homeless people and the random student. While the sun it hot, enjoy the naps. But when it gets cold, find somewhere else to snooze.

3) Grilling Two Times a Week Or More – Everybody loves grilling. Hot dog, hamburgers, those bizarre veggie pattie things. And throughout summer, grilling only once a week is never enough. You can do kabobs one night, smoke some ribs in a few days, it’s basically an excuse to have friends over and enjoy the season. However, grilling in October is desperate cry for help and friends. Perhaps tossing a steak on the grill once in a while in the winter is understandable, but outside the summer months, grilling loses a lot of its charm.

4) Making Out on Park Benches – If you PDA doesn’t offend you, then this is a perfectly acceptable way to enjoy summer with your favorite lady (as long as things stay pretty tame). It’s gorgeous out, there’s park benches everywhere, why not share the view and pass the time locking lips? But, except for some really nice days in spring, this habit should stay within the summer months. Only French people make out on park benches all year round.

5) Music Festivals – These massive events drive music lovers out in droves all over the world. People congregating to dance and enjoy their favorite artists’ performances en masse is what summer is all about. But even in the summer months the weather can turn fowl and the next thing you know, thousands of kids are rolling around in the mud. Let’s keep the best festivals at least within the vicinity of those blessed summer days.