Job search

Nobody wants to be out there job hunting. It’s a grueling marathon of assessments, filling out forms, intense interviews and of course, the agonizing wait for a call. It’s a wonder anyone ever survives the rigors of attempting to work in this country. But it might just be possible that there are some ways, albeit small, to lighten the load when trying to join the workforce. Here are a few common mistakes many make when applying for jobs:

It’s all about who you know
This expression has a semblance of truth, but if knowing someone in the industry you wished to pursue was the only way people ever broke in, then outsiders would truly be hopeless and they aren’t. Anyone can find their footing with the right preparation and experience. Knowing someone helps, but knowing your business and communicating that you’re well-trained and reliable is priceless. Practice persistence, not schmoozing.

Pick your title and stick with it
Deciding on a career path and sticking with it is commendable, but when the opportunity you’ve been angling for doesn’t arrive, the ability to pivot and find alternative opportunities and solutions is truly an achievement. Say you’ve always wanted to be a graphic designer at a certain company. Perhaps that company isn’t hiring graphic designers, but a data entry job is available. Snatch it up! Look for opportunities, don’t expect your exact specifications to be met right off the bat.

Your resume should fit on one page

Yes, HR departments like concise, highly-readable resumes, but if you are proud of your history and know it will only help your chances, why on earth would you not opt for a second page? Hiring managers don’t have a lot of imagination, you have to hold their hand and make sure that they know you are EXACTLY what they are looking for.

Cold-calling is dead
In 2014, job hunting is largely comprised of online searches and consultations with temp agencies and headhunters, but under no circumstances does that mean that cold calling is dead. If you want to work at a company, call them and see just how far you can get on your prowess alone. A job interview is about presenting your knowledge and understanding of a job they are looking to hire for. Those things can easily be communicated in the right phone call.

Confidence is king

Yes, confidence is a powerful attribute when taking the hot seat in interviews. However, confidence without expertise, prepping and smart presentation is transparent and cheap. Know your stuff and dress to the nines for interviews. Then wow them with your confidence and candor.

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