furbyIn news from the past, Furby is making its re-debut as the must have toy of 2013.

The new and updated Furby Boom, is more colorful than its ancestor, has five different personalities and comes with an app, in which it can hatch digital Furby Furblings. If your lady has been begging for a baby, this Christmas might we suggest getting her a Furby? She won’t be pissed at all.

New updated Furby Boom has the ability to say real words (like totes cray-cray and awesomesauce and the little bit pedo well, hello), because demonic sounds weren’t creepy enough. Furby Boom loves to dance. Furby Boom also loves taking selfies and Instagramming photos of its food.

Here are some other things that happened in 1998 that we wish would make a comeback, at least in some form.

1. Bill and Monica and Presidential Snafus

We like when Presidents screw up. Not in the Middle East or with Drones, but we like when they screw up their personal lives. We’re not asking POTUS to step out on the First Lady, but we love a scandal and a good old fashion impeachment.  We also like cigars (in case you need Christmas suggestions).

2. Britney Spears

In 1998 Brit was still a fresh-faced babe in a school girl uniform, not the barefoot Cheeto eating soccer mom she is today. Not that we don’t like soccer moms. We just like babes in uniforms better.  We also really like Cheetos.

3. Dawson’s Creek

Just kidding.

4. $1.15

That’s how much the average gallon of gas cost in ’98. Come back.

5. Google

Google was founded in 1998. The search conglomerate doesn’t need to make a comeback because it’s already gained world domination, but we still wish we could go back in time and buy some stock. Fun fact: Larry Page and Sergey Brin misspelled ‘googol’ when they started their little search engine experiment. And then they made 160 billion bucks.

Photo via YouTube.